Colin Powell Dies to COVID

Former United States Secretary of State Colin Powell died of COVID-19 on October 18, 2021. This has sparked many arguments regarding vaccines and COVID-19 in general. 

To begin with, experts have stepped in and stated that Colin Powell’s death should not be viewed as a failure of the COVID-19 vaccine. One expert said explicitly that the vaccines would have worked better with Powell if he was not already at high risk. It was also stated that the vaccines work to prevent transmission of the virus. 

Many that oppose the COVID-19 vaccine are spreading misinformation about the effectiveness of the vaccine. They are using Colin Powell’s death as evidence for their claims but are unaware of Powell’s already existing medical conditions that led to his tragic death. 

Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, a UC San Francisco disease expert, continued with the fact that all vaccines will work better with an already healthy immune system. 

Colin Powell had a form of blood cancer that was disastrous to his immune system. It targeted the cells that needed to make antibodies against the virus. The failure of making antibodies in Powell’s body was the main reason for how badly Colin Powell was affected by Coronavirus. Those who do not have compromised immunity do not have to worry about the effectiveness of the vaccine since the effectiveness is only interrupted by immunocompromised systems. 

However, Powell’s death has caused concern among elderly people as well. Specifically those with immunocompromised systems. In September, the CDC recommended that those over the age of 65 or those 50-64 with underlying medical conditions get the Pfizer booster shot about six months after the second dose of their first vaccine. Experts believe that the booster shots will “extend and enhance protection” against the virus. It is also recommended for younger adults with underlying medical conditions to receive the booster shot as they are eligible.

There has only been one death of a fully vaccinated person (as of mid-September). This patient was 67 years old, and their death was mainly caused by the fact that they had a severe underlying medical condition. Experts state that weak immune systems do not allow enough support to patients if affected by Coronavirus. 

There are statistics that show that about .36% of 57 million vaccinated residents have been vaccinated, and only .005% have died due to the virus. This only further proves that there is no reason not to believe in the effectiveness of vaccines (especially this one).