Genshin Impact Celebrates the Lunar New Year with In-Game Event

Ever since its release on September 28, 2020, Genshin Impact has become one of the most popular action role-playing games, with a player base of around 50 million people. Its popularity is credited to many aspects, most prominently its stunning graphics, exciting gameplay, rich lore, and various in-game events that change with each update.

Genshin Impact was developed by Chinese company miHoYo, so one of the game’s most meaningful events is the “Lantern Rite,” an in-game festival celebrating the Lunar New Year. It was first celebrated in February of last year with five parts: “All That Glitters,” the “Lantern Rite Tales,” “Theater Mechanicus,” the “Xiao Market,” and “Stand By Me.” 

“All That Glitters” and the “Lantern Rite Tales” consisted of different quests the player progressed through for content as well as rewards. Additionally, this event marked the first time the minigame “Theater Mechanicus” was introduced to players. With gameplay similar to tower defense, players participated to win currency to spend on items in the “Xiao Market” and “Stand By Me” to choose a free four-star character out of the six available.

In the game, the “Lantern Rite” festival took place in the Chinese-inspired region of Liyue. For the celebration, the city was decorated with traditional lanterns, and playable characters from Liyue participated in the festivities. The beautiful decorations and wholesome interactions were seen in the cutscene animation unlocked after players finished the quests.

This year’s “Lantern Rite” festival (with the new event name, “Fleeting Colors in Flight”) occurred not too long ago. It combined aspects from last year’s “Lantern Rite” with new ones made this year to create a brand new story and exciting new minigames. “Fleeting Colors in Flight” was broken into seven parts: “Flameplume Starflowers,” “The Great Gathering,” “Wondrous Shadows,” “Oceanic Defender,” “Prosperous Partnerships,” “The Moon’s Comely Brow,” and the “Afterglow Market.” 

“Flameplume Starflowers” and “The Great Gathering” were both a combination of quests and minigames. The quests in “Flameplume Starflowers” had players investigate a missing case of fireworks, and the minigame let players craft fireworks in the ‘Launch Tube.’ Players smelted fireworks and reached a particular quality rating to obtain one of the currencies to buy items from the “Afterglow Market.” 

In “The Great Gathering,” players retrieved items from the ocean that fell with the Jade Chamber (which is an airborne structure from the main story quest, and ended up in the ocean after it was used to defeat an ancient sea monster). Players used a boat to traverse the ocean for these items, fighting different enemies who got in their way. 

Players battled an intimidating boss in “Oceanic Defender” to obtain a free outfit for the four-star character Ningguang in “The Moon’s Comely Brow.” Friends came together in-game to test their skills against the boss, and players could help those in lower levels so everyone could obtain the outfit.

Like “Stand By Me” from last year’s event, in “Prosperous Partnerships,” players used the currency they earned to choose a free four-star character. However, this year, players could pick from eight characters rather than six. 

Of course, the “Lantern Rite” festival wouldn’t be complete without a beautifully animated cutscene. This scene was significantly longer than last year’s and focused more on the people of Liyue celebrating. Residents of the city, including playable characters, lit fireworks and enjoyed the festivities with each other. Almost too soon, the scene ended with a dazzling fireworks show, the sky lighting up in a multitude of colors.

The celebration of the Lunar New Year in Genshin Impact with the “Lantern Rite” festival gives players who don’t celebrate the holiday a chance to experience it in some form. With the combination of engaging stories, fun minigames, and generous awards, miHoYo celebrates the Lunar New Year in its own unique way.