Uncharted Review

Uncharted was an excellent film. It had two of the best actors in the business, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, who are among my personal favorites. It was enjoyable for me. There’s nothing I’d change, but there are a few things I’d add. In my opinion, this film lacked action. It was simply missing a piece of the puzzle, that final element. This film would have been better if there had been more action.

Victor Sullivan or Sully (Mark Wahlberg), a treasure hunter, hires a mysterious and talented boy named Nathan Drake (Tom Holland). The two go on an adventure to search for sacred 500-year-old treasure. Another fact about Nathan Drake and Uncharted is that Uncharted combines the elements from previous Uncharted games to make this fantastic movie. Nathan is a lonely bartender with a tragic past and no family. Nathan, who Tom Holland plays, brings Nathan to life. I don’t think anyone else could play Nathan Drake as well as Tom Holland. As Sully and Nathan look for the treasure, Nathan feels like Sully is hiding something from him. To Nathan’s surprise, Sully is hiding the biggest secret ever. Nathan finds out that Sully was hiding the fact that Nathan’s brother Samuel died while looking for the great treasure. Nathan is devastated and wants to return to the U.S. and forget about Sully. But after some time, Nathan stays and says he never wants to see Sully ever again after they get the treasure.

Uncharted’s entire purpose is to introduce you to gorgeous, exotic locales where visitors are welcome to hack away at precious relics. Moncada, the film’s antagonist, tries to kill Nathan and Sully and goes to any lengths to obtain riches. He didn’t have any other duties outside delivering monologues. Moncada felt he was a superb strategist, but he was exposed as a sucker who had been duped by his entire army. But in the end, the treasure was destroyed in the sea, and Sully was sad. But to his surprise, Nathan had some of the gold in his clothes and gave the gold to Sully. Sully appreciated it since he loves gold. They then went home on a helicopter looking at the beautiful sunset as the boat with the treasure was at the bottom of the sea below them. This movie kept me excited and made my blood rush through my veins because there were some intense scenes. Overall, I rate this film a ten out of ten.