Ukraine Requests Western Aid in Fight Against Russia

As the fight against Russia persists, Ukrainians suffer from the immense destruction of their cities, homes, and families. Just last week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged President Joe Biden to implement increased military aid to combat the Russian forces destroying Ukraine. 

President Zelensky appeared before the United States Congress in a video call describing the carnage within the country, comparing it to the 9/11 tragedy and the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. “Right now, when we need you right now. Remember Pearl Harbor, the terrible morning of December the 7th, 1941. When your sky was black from the planes attacking you,” he pleaded. “[Remember] September the 11th. A terrible day in 2001 when al-Qaeda suicide squads will try to turn your cities… When innocent people were attacked.”

As his speech progressed, President Zelensky asked the United States and other NATO allies to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine in hopes of slowing down attacks from Russia. Zelensky showed Ukraine’s current state through heart-wrenching footage, depicting wounded civilians and bombs exploding in the background, leaving Congress members in tears.

He said, “This is a terror that Europe has not seen, has not seen for 80 years, and we are asking for a reply, for an answer to this terror from the whole world.”

Zelensky acknowledged the dangers of a no-fly zone from Western forces, noting citizens’ fears of another World War. He proposed an alternative request for American weapons and more significant sanctions to slow down the Russian regime and urged powerful American corporations to pull out of the Russian economic market. 

Zelensky had a few words for President Joe Biden as he closed his speech. He said, “I wish you to be the leader of the world. Being the leader of the world means to be the leader of peace.”

While President Biden applauded Zelensky for his gallantry and perseverance, he and his military aides denied the request for a no-fly zone, as it would do “little good” for Ukraine. Instead, he granted 800 million dollars worth of weapons and protection to the country to show support.

American lawmakers and citizens are pushing President Biden to do more to aid Ukraine in the fight against Russia, but the exact solution of what more we can do remains relatively unknown. Despite these disagreements, President Biden has made it his priority to demonstrate that Americans are united in their support for Ukraine.