Why You Should Watch Better Call Saul

We all know Breaking Bad—the low-budget AMC television show created by Vince Gilligan turned pop culture icon. Truly, if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, you should. If you’re worried that the show is a drag or that it’s overrated, trust me. It’s not. Breaking Bad is a masterpiece and a true pillar in the Golden Age of Television. 10/10.

Now, let me tell you about a better show. Helmed by the same creator, the prequel show follows the life of minor Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman, one of the most popular characters in the Breaking Bad series. Upon his first appearance in the second season, Saul was captivating for a number of reasons: he was funny, he played the fool despite his obvious cunning, he had connections with many members of the criminal underground, and he had his own run-ins with dangerous criminals in the past. By the end of Breaking Bad’s five-season run, the audience knew little about Saul’s past, and his future was left unresolved. 

Better Call Saul aims to answer all of the questions that fans could have about Saul or, as he’s known at this time, Jimmy McGill. The character we see in Better Call Saul keeps the same sense of humor and vernacular but is entirely different from the one we see in Breaking Bad. While the criminal lawyer in the latter show is slimy and quick to take bribes, the younger Jimmy is still trying to be the best he can be. 

The show is about how Jimmy changes into the man we know in Breaking Bad. We see Jimmy challenge his morals to achieve what he wants. The supporting cast is also entirely dedicated to the show. They are excellently written and make for some of my favorite characters in television. In terms of genuinely strong female characters, the other primary protagonist, Kim Wexler, is one of the best characters in the media industry. She’s well written and has her own faults that she grows past. Better Call Saul has become just as much about Kim’s development as it is about Jimmy’s. 

The great character writing is what makes the show one of the greatest of all time. All of the characters feel real, and the character-driven plot is always engaging. It is probably my favorite show, and I strongly recommend you watch it. Better Call Saul currently has five seasons, all of which are on Netflix. The sixth and final season of the show begins airing on April 18 this year. I’m extremely excited to see the end of the show and experience the end of an era for the television I consume.