Thor: Love and Thunder Movie Review

Picture by Diego Caceres

Thor: Love and Thunder marks the return of our favorite mentally unstable superhero: Thor. After defeating his sister, Hela, Thor travels to different planets attempting to recover from all his hardships throughout his life. However, his poor attempt at recovering is cut short by the awakening of Gorr, the “God Butcher.” Introduced are new allies, such as Mighty Thor, who joins forces with Thor to defeat Gorr, and welcomed back are old favorites like Valkyrie and Korg. There was exceptional hype for Thor’s return to the big screen, but it was not the return many hoped for.

The film begins with a barrage of comedy. While the humor is done correctly in most scenes, it still feels overwhelming and often diverges from the movie’s main plot. It is no secret that humor plays a huge role in the success of many Thor movies; however, the heavy addition of humor in the film resulted in its most significant concern: pacing. The movie’s pacing felt incredibly rushed, with many transition scenes ending abruptly. Too much happened quickly, and little time was offered to savor the scenes properly.

Not to mention, the plot was mediocre at best. The predictability made it a bore – especially the ending. The sense of suspense that existed in Thor: Ragnarok, unfortunately, failed to be displayed in its sequel. 

Syed Islam showing off his popcorn bucket. (Picture by Syed Islam)

Although the plot was relatively predictable and mediocre, the battles in the movie lived up to its expectations. Marvel is well-known for its great fights between its characters, and Thor is at the pinnacle of these great battles, being known as the strongest Avenger. His battles in this movie are elevated by the witty dialogue and flashy superpowers achieved by the remarkable CGI in the film. Although the CGI  was not the greatest for a Marvel film—some scenes appeared distorted due to the lack of depth—it still carried well in crucial settings like the fight between Gorr and Thor. 

In short, the movie contains numerous flaws that cannot be ignored. Thor: Love and Thunder still deserve a thorough watch despite its faults. Ignore the weak, formulated plot and chuckle at the well-crafted script for something semi-worth your time. 6.5/10.