Review of Kirby’s Skills in Super Smash Bros.

Review of Kirby’s Skills in Super Smash Bros.

Picture by Judy Lee

Kirby has been a long-time veteran in the Nintendo fighting game series Super Smash Bros. He is a pink, round, ball-like creature with eyes, a mouth, and stubby limbs. Many players believe this character is one of the most tweaked characters in the game, so those who use him may gain an unfair advantage if they use him correctly. The same can be said about any other character as well, though. Let’s look into what exactly makes him such a fierce fighter.

To start, Kirby is small and light, which creates an advantage for the player. His weight allows players to float for an extended time to prepare for their attacks. His design has stayed relatively the same since the original Super Smash Bros. came out, owing to his status as an iconic character.  

Moving on to his skillset, he possesses a “Copy Ability,” referring to his trademark ability to inhale characters and “copy” their unique moves. Simply by expanding his mouth, sucking in, and creating a powerful vacuum, he can absorb his opponent and steal their skill to use against them. (His appearance changes to match his enemy’s as well!) With nearly ninety characters he can reproduce, his ability to copy is one of the most important. 

Kirby can also create a potent attack; using him in midair, press and hold the Y button, instantly transforming him into stone. He’ll crash down to deliver a significant blow to his opponent. Using it optimally allows players to blow their opponent off the stage. Kirby is practically invulnerable to attacks in his stone form, adding to his strong status.

Newer versions of Super Smash Bros., such as the one released on the Wii U, meant the addition of new moves for Kirby. For example, he received the ability to use a hammer to attack his opponents. Some other examples include how, when jumping midair, Kirby can attack his enemy and create a wild spin attack. Kirby can also position himself on the ground to deliver a powerful smash hit (depending on his distance from the enemy). Most Kirby users greatly welcomed this ability. Kirby’s fireball attack is another move that was added to his design. It allows Kirby to chuck himself across the screen like a meteor to escape from their opponent or crash into the other fighter(s).

Finally, we have Kirby’s “Final Smash.” Depending on the player’s game, Kirby can use “Cook Kirby,” or the newer final smash, “Ultra Sword.” In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kirby uses Cook Kirby, where he gains a chef’s hat and a large pot where his opponents get sucked into and “cooked” by Chef Kirby himself. This move does not consistently deliver a KO, but it is still helpful as it gathers all his enemies from a limited range. Ultra Sword Kirby is seen in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/ Wii U. He obtains a tall, green wizard hat and a gigantic sword that can quickly slash his opponents; this ability lets Kirby cut rapidly in all directions and deliver KOs if the opponent is caught.

All in all, Kirby is considered one of the best characters in Super Smash Bros., and not without good reason. His skills allow him to copy other characters or create powerful attacks to fly them into the air. His design is cute and advantageous too! This little guy is a more valuable character in the game, so if you want a cute but powerful character in Super Smash Bros., Kirby is the perfect character to play.