Matt Araiza Released Following Public Rape Accusations

On Saturday, August 27, the Buffalo Bills laid off Matt Araiza due to the lawsuit against him and his former teammates at San Diego State University. His release and case would spread like wildfire among the sport’s media world.

On Thursday, August 25, the anonymous victim and her lawyer decided the time was right to file a lawsuit. Her accusations describe a rape at a Halloween party on October 17, 2021. The victim accused Araiza and two other SDSU football players of the rape. 

Although Matt Araiza and his family deny all claims against them, the Bills organization decided to release Araiza. The general manager and head coach made the decision public on August 27. The Bills’ head coach stated the accusations were “a no-go for us.” Although the future is very cloudy for the young punter, it is almost sure his career in the NFL is over. 

The anonymous victim released pictures of her alleged beatings before the rape and an in-person interview discussing her story. The photos depict severe strikes and bruises to the neck and legs of the victim. She went on to say that during a Halloween party, Araiza gave her a drink, and in the following events, she would describe her being beaten and raped. The next day the alleged victim sought to make a police report. 

Matt Araiza would finish his collegiate career at San Diego State University and be drafted by the Buffalo Bills in April this year. Araiza continued to play into the preseason before his release. 

Kyle Armstong, Araiza’s attorney, believes that he has accumulated evidence to put up in court to prove Araiza’s innocence. When speaking to a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, he stated, “the only thing I can think of as to why she’s included him in this civil lawsuit is because of money.” The victim said she was “sick to the stomach” after finding out about Armstong’s statements. She argued that she had sought out police help the day after the rape and was unknowledgeable of who Araiza was. Armstrong also stated that he has eyewitness evidence that the victim told people at the party that she was 18 years old. 

Since the allegations have become public, Araiza and his family have all received death threats. His mother said, “There has been war waged on our son.” The media’s role in this ongoing investigation has heavily affected the Araiza family, and social media continues to play a role in this developing story.