Release of the Chainsaw Man Anime

The popular manga, “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto, will be getting an anime adaptation, with its premiere on October 11, 2020. Many fans are excited to see how the anime will compare to the manga, as readers praised “Chainsaw Man” for its compelling plot and fantastic art. The MAPPA animation studio will animate this manga. MAPPA has done an excellent job animating the well-known anime Jujutsu Kaisen and taking over the final season of “Attack on Titan.” Fans have great expectations for “Chainsaw Man” coming to life. 


Why is “Chainsaw Man” so popular?

Numerous aspects of the manga have attracted many readers and fans. First, the overall story consists of a world where devils exist. Denji, the main character, makes a contract with the Chainsaw Devil Pochita, a small, orange, animal-like devil with a chainsaw protruding out of his forehead. “Chainsaw Man” is fast-paced, and we are hit with amazing action as soon as we start the story. The main character is different from most Shonen anime MCs because all he desires is an everyday life surrounded by his friends and not having to worry about dying at any moment. Every side character in the manga has a distinct purpose. None of the side characters feel useless and contribute to the story somehow.

The villains in “Chainsaw Man” are also spectacular. The manga has some of the best villains of all time, and fans are intrigued by them. Makima is the series’s main antagonist, and Chainsaw Man enthusiasts are obsessed with her background and appearance. Not to mention the art style of the manga is a popularly known aspect since it is more realistic and haunting. Takashi Fujimoto’s art is a fantastic fit for the story. It has a realistic feel and gives his art a gruesome touch. The readers can almost feel the character’s emotions through the art and connect with them. The art is much gorier, and the disturbing images leave an impression on the viewers. As you get lost in the plot, you find that anything can happen to the story’s characters, even your favorite characters. There is no ‘plot armor’ for the characters of “Chainsaw Man,” which keeps readers on edge, making this a reason why the manga has such tremendous popularity. 

Since the manga has done so well, with over 15 million copies in circulation, the horror comedy “Chainsaw Man” will likely be one of the most popular upcoming anime of 2022. Fans, be prepared for the uproar of Chainsaw Man’s release on October 11, 2022.