Monterey Park Shooting

The Monterey Park shooting occurred on January 21, 2023. There was a massive casualty during the accident. This mass shooting was to blame on a 72-year-old man. This event was the largest mass shooting in Los Angeles County.

During the Monterey Park shooting, there were a total of 11 people confirmed dead, and nine injured. The injured were sent to the LA County USC Medical Center. However, one of the patients died due to a gunshot wound. The rest of the patients were also in serious condition or recovering.

The police recalled that Huu Can Tran had fired 42 rounds in the Star Ballroom Dance Studio. After that, Tran went to another dance studio. However, Brando Tsay, who worked there, struggled with Tran to obtain the firearm he had been holding. That action allowed many more lives to be spared from the gunman. This made Tsay a hero for risking his life.

The local authorities searched the residence of Huu Can Tran. During their search, they found a rifle, stocks of ammunition, and gun silencers. The local authorities still do not know Tran’s motive.

The people in the Monterey Park shooting had been found out by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office. The female victims that died were Mymy Nhan, Lilan Li, and Xiujuan Yu. The only identified male out of the five killed was Alvaro Valentino.

The family of Mymy Nhan is in mourning over her death. The family said, “We never imagined her life would end so suddenly.” They honored Mymy by making a video of Nhan dancing on Twitter. Xiujuan Yu’s death caused a significant life change for her family. She has worked hard to support her children. Alvero’s family was very devastated by his death. He was a good father, devoted son, brother, uncle, and grandfather. The family expressed that they wished he could dance to the fullest at the very end, but now he is doing it in heaven.  

The motive behind the shooting remains unknown. However, the police are still investigating the shooting.