One Piece Live-Action to Release in 2023

Image by Judy Lee

A live-action adaptation of the manga and anime, “One Piece,” will release on Netflix. Although a specific date has not yet been announced, the “One Piece” live-action will come out in 2023. 

“One Piece” is infamous for its many chapters and episodes in the story. Much love is shown to the show because of how detailed the characters and stories are. Many fans are excited to see their favorite series come to life with the diversity of the “One Piece” characters and settings. The creator of “One Piece,” Eiichiro Oda, is also contributing to the show himself. Each part of the live-action is consulted with Oda. Because Oda is involved in the show, it resulted in more hype from fans who believe he will do his best to convey his characters as real people. 

Eiichiero Oda was personally involved with casting the characters of “One Piece.”  Although the show is from Japan, it has fantastic diversity and cultures within its story. Oda carefully selected actors while sticking to each character’s ethnicity. Iñaki Godoy, a Mexican actor with a cheerful personality, was chosen by Oda as the main character. These traits and other aspects made him the perfect actor for the bubbly, go-lucky main character, Monkey D. Luffy.

In a first look at the “One Piece” live-action adaptation, it is mentioned that the sets were built to be as accurate as possible to Oda’s vision. Oda’s world is unique, and the detail of the sets was extensive. Certain sets more important to the plot took longer because they believed the scenes should be as accurate as possible. 

Seeing how live adaptations of manga and anime go wrong sometimes, fans were worried that Netflix would not do the world of “One Piece” justice. However, because Eiichiro Oda oversaw the live-action production, fans have become more excited than worried. Many are excited to see their favorite series become a reality with the diversity of the “One Piece” characters and settings.

Eiichiro Oda has said that the live adaptation of One Piece would take more time to perfect before it is officially released. The exact release date has not been announced yet, but the “One Piece” live-action will come out in 2023 with lots of love from One Piece fans.