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Top Five Romcoms

Picture by Judy Lee

Romcom means a romantic comedy in film. I personally love them so I’m here to give you my top five romcoms of all time!!

  1. “Clueless (1995)”

In adapting Jane Austen’s Emma, about a clever matchmaker who is astonished by her relationship, for 1990’s teens, Alicia Silverstone masterfully portrayed Cher Horowitz, a superficial Beverly Hills princess with buried depth. (Without Cher, Regina George wouldn’t exist.) Paul Rudd is energetic and goofy, yet wise as a little troublesome love interest. In this day of Instagram stars, the movie’s satire and admiration of adolescent culture may seem ancient, but Clueless still holds firmly as one of the finest in the genre. Can any other romcom top this one? As if. 

  1. “10 Things I Hate About You (1999)”

This movie walks the line between a teen film and a romantic comedy. Still, it transcends high school drama thanks to the mature performances of Julia Stiles and the late Heath Ledger, who personify the frustration of being done with high school but too young for college. A particularly relatable perspective of high-school relationships and the inevitable tragedies of young heartbreak unfolds as sparks fly between two people who had long since given up on this dumb school. Ledger’s character is paid to take out Stiles’ so that a whole other set of characters can go out with her younger sister. My favorite part is the emotionally heartbreaking scene of the poem Stiles’ character writes–the movie’s name, duh!

  1. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)”

This movie is just as corny as it sounds. It is a movie about a cool girl who has unmistakable chemistry with a man who is very charming, even knowing their relationship is doomed from the beginning. She works as a writer for a women’s magazine and is attempting to create a place to talk about relationships, which at the moment meant entangling a man and torturing him until they split up. Meanwhile, he is only attempting to demonstrate his ability to charm and make anyone love him. My favorite part is when, after their public karaoke argument, they kiss and reconcile on the bridge.

  1. “Life as We Know It (2010)”

In this moving yet humorous film, a couple experiences a catastrophe that changes their lives and ultimately leads to a wonderful life together. Mutual friends attempt to set up Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Messer (Josh Duhamel) on a date but are unsuccessful. Though that night was a fiasco and stops before it gets going, they still wind up becoming friends. They are surprised to discover they have been appointed as the child’s joint guardians when that couple sadly dies in an accident and leaves their newborn daughter in the world. The movie follows them as they deal with the challenges of unexpectedly becoming parents, a journey that ultimately causes them to fall in love.

  1. “Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)”

This movie will bring out all of your emotions at once. This 2011 romantic comedy explored love, heartache, and everything in between. The all-star ensemble includes Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Steve Carrell, Julian Moore, Kevin Bacon, and more. Despite having true instances of great emotional maturity, it continues to be a comedy that will make you laugh aloud. The writing is clever, tying together many plot strands into an emotionally rewarding finale, and the entire ensemble works well together.

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Amity Hoque
Amity Hoque, Editor-In-Chief
Hey Royals! My name’s Amity and I’m a senior. I very much look forward to being the Editor-in-Chief, writing for and leading the school newspaper. This is my second year of Journalism, and I’m excited to make this year in Journalism the best I can. I’m vice president of the IB program, which is very hard on me because it’s time-consuming and academically challenging, so Journalism provides an opportunity for a fun break. I’m an officer for many clubs and on the track team (I love to run). I’m captain of the Bollywood dance team and love to represent my culture. I’m both scared and excited for this year because of my workload and college applications, but I also look forward to my senior year. Although I’m not looking forward to senioritis, I hope to pull through and have fun during my last year at Quartz Hill. Some of my hobbies are listening to music, ballet, shopping, running, doing my makeup, and, obviously, watching Netflix. I look forward to all the new memories I’ll make this year!
Judy Lee
Judy Lee, Staff Writer
Hello everyone! I’m Judy, a senior at Quartz Hill. I joined journalism during eleventh grade and decided to join again because I enjoyed it last year. I’ve been a part of the Quartz Hill Cheer team for four years. I am so excited and not so patiently waiting for all the events and games.  One fact about me: I have played the violin for over eight years. I was the concertmaster of the West Coast Classical Orchestra last year. I am aiming for that position again this year when I audition soon. Playing as first chair last year was fantastic, so I hope to experience it again! The first few months of senior year will be busy because of college applications and other things, but I hope it’s fun and worthwhile. I’m glad to be returning to journalism and writing for The Ubiquity!