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Top Ten Best Musicals

Countless musicals exist in the world, some more popular than others. Most people either love or hate musicals; there isn’t usually an in-between when it comes to them. Here are my top ten best musicals.

At number ten, we have Westside Story. Shocking, I know. Many people I know adore this musical, but it wasn’t for me. It’s a modernized version of Romeo and Juliet, a play I personally don’t like. I’m sorry to any fans of this musical; it just wasn’t something I was interested in.

At number nine, we have Into the Woods. This musical was actually pretty decent, but isn’t a favorite of mine. This likely would have placed higher, but the other musicals I have picked out are much better to me.

In eighth place, we have the musical Annie. I loved the songs, but it just wasn’t that great to me. I’d watch it again, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Seventh place goes to Matilda. I’m sorry; I know that must offend a lot of musical lovers out there. I love this musical; it’s an amazingly written story with amazing songs. However, compared to the other musicals I know, it isn’t the most amazing.

Sixth place goes to…Beetlejuice! This is one of those musicals that I loved, but not as much as the others. I was obsessed with all things Beetlejuice as a child, so for a while, this was my number one. Sadly, it got taken off once I started looking into other musicals.

Top 5 incoming, with the Mean Girls Musical taking 5th place! I do not mean the newest one, I mean the original. Mean Girls was a massive part of my preteen years, leaving a big imprint on my life. The musical was amazing, and I had Stupid with Love on repeat for a while.

The Phantom of the Opera comes in fourth place, even though it’s an amazing musical. I adore this musical and the songs included. The costumes are always so well done in every version, and the actors are amazing at singing. I recently got back into my musical phase thanks to a video of Lily Kerhoas performing in the musical. She has an amazing voice and conveys Christine’s character very well.

Third place goes to the musical Heathers. The first time I ever watched this musical, I was instantly hooked and reminded of Mean Girls. The songs in this musical were amazing, and I loved the dynamic between Veronica and JD. I loved how developed the characters were, and some of the scenes made me laugh while others made me cry.

Second place goes to an extremely well-known musical that was created, written, and originally played by Lin-Manuel Miranda. This musical is called Hamilton and is about the founding father Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda was the original actor of Hamilton, and is one of the most popular people to play him. The musical has amazing songs, and in the version released on Disney+, even more amazing actors. 

In first place is my absolute favorite musical that I’ve seen so far, and that musical is Six. This musical follows the stories of the six wives of Henry the VIII. Every song in this musical is amazing, and the way the wives are portrayed is beautiful. The actors manage to convey each story as if they lived through it themselves, and you almost forget that its just a musical. My personal favorite wife is Katherine Howard, because her story was extremely sad and I love angsty stories. Her song was also my favorite of them all, it is extremely catchy and also very impressively sung.

Overall, all of these musicals are amazing and the acting is extremely good in every single one. I always adore the songs and the storylines of each genre of musical. If I could, I’d put multiple musicals in first place. I hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe this inspired you to watch a few musicals!

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