Captain Glancy’s Journey Through Chemistry


Picture by Nitesh Sunku

    Being a high school teacher has many benefits as well as drawbacks. Teaching is not known for being the most fun job, but Mr. Russell Glancy shows that it can be a lot better than many make it out to be.

    Glancy has been a chemistry teacher since 1999. Prior to his teaching career, Glancy was a forensic scientist for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Scientific Service Bureau. He dreamed of becoming a forensic scientist when he was a college student, which initially led him to pursue a major in chemistry and minor in criminology. However, as time went on, he realized that being a forensic scientist was not the job for him. Glancy soon realized that he loved teaching and that this was the job for him.

    Although he enjoyed chemistry during his high school years, Glancy never actually thought of pursuing it until he met his BYU college professor, Barot Andrews. Andrews became his inspiration to advance in the field of chemistry and led Glancy to his first job as a forensic scientist and later as a high school chemistry teacher.

    As a high school teacher, Glancy sees many new faces every year. He has seen a variety of personalities and attitudes from his students, and he has found many of his students to be very hardworking and intelligent. What helps him succeed is his use of different styles of teaching to help his students in the best possible way so they understand what he teaches.

    Although AP Chemistry is known to be one of the hardest subjects in the AP curriculum, Glancy believes the class is fairly easy and not as complicated as long as people pay attention and do their work. However, just like many others, he thinks that the test is significantly harder compared to other AP tests.

    Outside of his teaching career, Glancy has one hobby that he has been fond of since he was a young boy: hunting. It allows him to escape everything and just enjoy the wilderness. Glancy is also an advisor for the Fanatic’s Society club, where many students in the school gather to discuss what is going on in various comic and cinematic worlds. This allows him to connect with his students and embrace the love he has for comics.

    Mr. (popularly referred to as ‘captain’) Glancy is a wonderful teacher who is always there to help his students. He does his best to connect with everyone, whether it be through Fanatic’s Society or his teaching. Glancy truly is a one-of-a-kind teacher.