Rachel Phelps: A Chalk Art Phenomenon

    Ever since our days of rubbing excrement on the walls to modern art (if there is a difference), art has allowed us to show our creativity and express ourselves. This is something students at Quartz Hill High School were able to do (without the excrement) during the chalk art contest.

    For those who live in a cave or just do not listen to the morning announcements, many students came together at the chalk art contest and drew whatever they wanted to in front of the library, as long as it was school appropriate, of course. Then, the judges reviewed all of the artworks and decided which one was the best. The award was a crown made of gold with the words, “I am better than you” engraved on it. That last sentence may have been a lie, but it is something that should be done next year. Somebody get on that!

Rachel Phelps was inspired by her father to make this chalk art piece.
Cody Wilson

    One of the artists in this epic contest was Rachel Phelps. Phelps is a freshman who, like many others, entered this competition of legends. In the chalk art contest, Phelps decided to draw the picture of a punk singer (as pictured above).

    Her inspiration for the drawing was given to her by her father. She said, “My dad had been playing his alternative music….and got this idea to draw a girl punk singer.” Regarding her artistic ability, she replied, “I have always been self taught; however, two months ago I started taking an art class.” Considering why she entered the contest in the first place, she explained, “My friends know I like to draw and pushed me to just do it.” This proves that peer pressure may not actually be that bad!

    Those who think, “Meh, that stuff probably did not take that long,” are dead wrong. Phelps spent a total of six whole hours on the picture. Two hours were dedicated to the art on Tuesday and another four hours were dedicated to Wednesday. When asked if she will do this again next year, she explained, ”I had a lot of fun doing the drawing competition and plan on doing it every year again.”

    Considering how she did in the contest, she replied, “I am happy with my drawing for it being my first time; however, I definitely think it was underwhelming compared to the others. I will just have to try again next year.” Even though she might have only got a participation award this year, you can be sure she will win at least one first place award in the future.