2016 Presidential Elections: Donald Trump


Picture by Mustafa Elmahdi

   Elections are a vital part of every American’s life. This year, the elections has taken a turn, unfortunately, for the worse. The choice that made many Americans’ eyebrows raise was the choice of Republican Party candidate: Donald Trump. While Trump may have outrageous ideas, one should keep in mind that he is very cunning and smart. (So cunning that, if the Sorting Hat was placed on his head, it would shout “SLYTHERIN!”)

   Last June, while announcing his candidacy at his famous Trump Tower, he spoke about illegal immigration, saying that undocumented Mexicans were “…bringing drugs, […]bringing crime [and] they’re rapists.” What is fallacious about this statement is the fact that, although there are only a few incidents regarding illegal immigrants, Trump takes the entire population and makes a biased and heinous statement involving all of them.  Immigration has always been a key topic in Trump’s speeches. He has even gone so far as to propose building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.  

   His stunt has backfired on him since he was quoted on that statement; the number of Mexican citizens in the U.S. has dramatically increased.  Hilda Abraham, who was one of the people applying for citizenship, was interviewed by ABC7. When asked why she registered for citizenship, she replied that she wanted to become a citizen so she could vote against Trump.

   Health care is another major stance that has been brought up in most primaries and is something that all Americans pay close attention to. However, Trump has not yet given a definitive answer about his stance and plans for America’s health care, something that worries Americans should Trump become president. When asked about Obamacare, he only vaguely answers that he would want to get rid of it. While Trump may have strong stances on guns and taxes, it is evidently clear that he has no position on America’s medical programs.

   Foreign policy has a certain aspect of diplomacy to it. A politician needs to be diplomatic in order to have peaceful relations with other countries. However, Trump has been less than diplomatic in many cases. For instance, he stated that ISIS should have been bombed to the ground by now. He has said that he wanted to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., but the religious persecution has only dropped him in the polls. What is surprising is that Trump has a large follower count, as well as a fanbase.  Since his comment, religious persecution of Mexicans and Muslims have also gone up.

   Women are another target for Trump’s tweets. He has shamed his wife in interviews, has made sexist references, and has publicly attacked women’s physical appearances.  

   Like every human being, Trump has pros and cons. He is very strong in honoring our country’s veterans, making sure that they have the health care that they deserve.  He is also open to the new options about energy, saying that he is a big believer in using effective renewable energy sources. Like Bernie Sanders, who dropped out earlier in the election, Trump has talked about education, stressing the fact that college students are up to their necks in student loans, something that he wants to focus on.  

   As everyone casts their final votes, one will just have to wait and see if Donald Trump’s positives outweigh his negatives.