Clown Sightings


Picture by Cody Wilson

   With constant trends, the new but terrifying “clown sightings” have surfaced and left many frightened. The new craze first started in South Carolina when mysterious clowns started popping up out of nowhere. While some are taking this as a joke, many are horrified and leaving numerous calls for the local police stations. With Halloween just around the corner, more and more clown sightings are taking place. Should we take this lightly, or should we be concerned?

   Although many of these clown appearances are supposed to be pranks, a handful end up getting arrested. Police reports for mysterious clown encounters are occurring more often as well as clown attacks. People are getting attacked as much as the clowns are being assaulted in retaliation. Some kids even go hunting for them during the night, which can end up being very dangerous. These clowns have been chasing or luring women and children into the woods with knives and machetes. They have also been seen hanging around cemeteries or on desolate highways. Teenagers are mainly attracted to this craze, and they share their encounters on social media. On social media, the clown frenzy is spreading faster than ever.

   Numerous sightings have taken place since August of 2016. On September 4, police got a call of clowns luring kids into the woods in South Carolina. September 15, Escambia County High School in Alabama was placed on lockdown after clowns were threatening to shoot up the school. On September 27, a teenager reported he was attacked by a clown in Tennessee. On October 8, Quartz Hill High School received a surprise clown mask dangling from a drone during the Homecoming football game. With all these instances, the lives of people as well as the clowns were put in danger.

   Many people have had deep fears of clowns since they were children. There may be a psychological reasoning behind this. Clowns are dressed in so much makeup that we do not really know what is underneath it all. The clowns are hiding their identity as well as their expressions and feelings. Because of this, we do not know anything about the clown; therefore, we are scared of them. Also, a part of our brain that controls fear gets triggered when we see something creepy, such as an exaggerated smile or an unusual physical characteristic, both of which clowns often have. For these reasons, it can be understandable why the clown phenomenon has panicked many all over America.

   Should we fear these clowns or should we just wait for the trend to die on its own? Although these clowns are just another trendy prank, it may become even more dangerous than it is now. Americans may even end up with an actual clown killer on the loose. Nonetheless, stay safe, and do not let the clowns get to you.