The Art of Art Club

Picture by Sheehwa You

   Art Club is a great way to make new friends and to expand one’s creative boundaries. The club does this by offering various mediums for their club members to experiment with, such as door painting, drawing, crafts, and even a bit of digital animation. Members occasionally take field trips to art museums, such as the Museum of Art and History, for inspiration.

   Katari Taton, the club president, explains that they usually do crafts, presentations, and field trip planning during the club meetings. She stresses t

Sheehwa You
Kitari Taton, art club president

hat they do much more than just basic sketches and doodles: “We do all kinds of arts and crafts. Just this other meeting we actually made bracelets for breast cancer awareness and gave them out to some people.”

   An activity that most art club members enjoy is the door painting. Lauren Rickert, the club vice president, explained that the long hours togethe

Sheehwa You
Room 102 Door

r forms strong bonds and friendships between the members. Some doors that the Art Club has decorated this year are Ms. Manthey’s, Mr. Parkinson’s, Dr. Smoot’s, and Mr. Mahady’s.

   Whether or not one is gifted with the talent to create straight lines or perfect circles, everyone is encouraged to join this club. Shivani Kangakar, the club treasurer, admitted, “I am not a good artist. I actually suck at art, but I am really good friends with a lot of the people in Art Club… I originally came into the club thinking, oh, I am not going to enjoy this, or it is not my thing, but honestly it just seems fun, and it is a great way to make friends.” Lauren agreed and stated, “anyone can join this club. Everyone could always learn how to paint. It does not matter whether one is an artist or not.”

Sheehwa You
Shivani Kangakar (left), club treasurer, and Lauren Rickert (right), vice president

   The Art Club meetings happen every ot

Sheehwa You
Room 312 Door

her Thursday in both lunches. A lunch meetings are in Mrs. Rocca’s classroom, room 121, and B lunch meetings are in Mr. Jenison’s classroom, room 313. A lunch meetings are run by the treasurer and secretary, being that both the president and vice president are in B lunch.

   The Art Club possesses a friendly and encouraging environment for all their members. It could be joined as a means to expand your creative horizons or to meet new friends with similar interests and passions. Regardless of the reason, joining would be a decision one would not regret.