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Sheehwa You

Sheehwa You, Editor in Chief

Oh, hey! I didn’t see you there…

Can you believe it? Journalism for four years... I can feel my skin melding with the walls of this class and the people it encompasses. But in a good way, y'know?

Regardless, whether you’re reading this as a friend looking for cringy blackmail or as someone legitimately interested in learning about me, welcome!

I’m Sheehwa You, your local flute wielding, paint splashing, and golf club swinging IB senior. 

(Of course, being an IB student also implies having no sleep and no real grasp on time, but I somehow manage.)

I also happen to be the Editor in Chief of QHHS' student-run newspaper, The Ubiquity (this very site!) and the Lieutenant Governor of the Division 38 West Key Club, which are both positions that have fostered a deep love of my community within me.

Listen, I don’t bite! If you see me around, be sure to say hi! <3

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Sheehwa You