Super Bowl LII Opinions and Thoughts


Picture by Pranesh Kumar

By Pranesh Kumar, Staff Writer

Just last weekend, sports fans from all across the nation had the opportunity to witness the 52nd annual Super Bowl. Many shocks and exciting moments came from this year’s football season, and it was fantastic to see it all culminate to such a thrilling, high-scoring, and intense finale. Here, at Quartz Hill High School, many students had mixed feelings about the results and the overall experience of the famous football game.

In the eyes of many, the Super Bowl is more than a sporting event. It is a national holiday, with many people hosting large parties and scrambling to complete all of their work to watch the full event. This was definitely the case with many of the Quartz Hill students.

Jimi Gordon, a freshman who has always been an avid football fan, was not shy to express his feelings towards the Super Bowl. He stated, “I managed to watch the entire game, including the commercials, and I was glad it didn’t disappoint at all. Though I am not the biggest fan of either team, I am just happy I got to watch some quality football.”

There were some enthralling moments during the game that did not go ignored during the Super Bowl. Some were controversial, while others were just incredibly well-worked plays.

Clifford Johnson, a sophomore who watched most of the Super Bowl, mentioned that he was very much impressed by a clever Eagles touchdown play: “I really enjoyed the play by the Eagles where Foles (the Eagles’ quarterback) caught a pass by the running back and scored a touchdown. It was clever.”

Shosei Shintani, a passionate Patriots fan, was furious by the decision of the officials after a controversial catch by Ertz (the Eagles’ tight end). Shintani stated, “Ertz did not have full possession of the ball and the ball did not survive the bounce. There is no way that touchdown should have counted.”

Finally, there was the halftime show, with Justin Timberlake acting as the star of the event. Unlike some of the previous performances, this show received a fair bit of criticism for Timberlake’s apparent lip syncing during the show.

Jacob Chung seemed quite irritated by the bad halftime performance, asserting, “I hated the halftime performance. Justin Timberlake was incredibly unenthusiastic and his real voice was barely audible.”

This year’s Super Bowl ultimately evoked many thoughts and opinions from the Quartz Hill Students. It was a great event and definitely one to look forward to in coming years.