The Makeup Madness


Picture by Melissa Canales

By Melissa Canales, Staff Writer

Though most of us dread the sound of the alarm clock that signals the start of the day, many girls and women still wake up a little earlier just to make time for their makeup. For centuries, makeup has existed in various regions around the world and served a plethora of purposes from defining social class to accentuating beauty. Now, more than ever, makeup has become a staple in the lives of many women and even some men. Though learning to love your natural reflection is important, all women should experience makeup, not to conceal their true self, but to let it shine.
Recently, the campaign against cosmetics has been based on the assumption that its only purpose is to impress or catch the attention of a male. However, in this day and age, the use of makeup is becoming less and less about capturing the eye of the cute guy in class and more about women simply putting their best foot forward and feeling comfortable with their style. For many females, precisely applying eyeliner, carefully blending out their concealer, and meticulously filling in their eyebrows is a ritual and a form of self care. The precious twenty minutes girls spend fixing up their makeup promotes self-love and personal nourishment and provides happiness in doing something that they enjoy. Although many people may not comprehend it, the time it takes to perfectly apply makeup is a time for a woman to de-stress and spend time with herself, and sometimes, that is the only moment of the day that she will get that chance.

Though makeup is often given the negative connotation of disguising the true face of a woman with a layer of lies, the opposite is true for an overwhelming majority of females. While some people choose to express themselves with dance, sports, painting, sculpting, or other activities, many girls, and some guys, turn to cosmetics to create their own art. With today’s vast selection of brands and products, makeup has given women the chance to voice different versions of themselves every day. The skill of applying makeup is one that only those who participate in the ritual know of, and the pride that comes with wearing the day’s masterpiece is reserved for the few that are brave enough to leave the house knowing that somebody will not like their style or their choice to wear makeup.

This choice always comes down to each girl’s (or guy’s) own decision. There is no one who can judge a girl for refusing to put on lipstick or mascara, and likewise, there is no one who can criticize a woman for taking the time to fill in her eyebrows and brighten up her complexion. Yet, women today are attacked for their choice to wear makeup because “natural is beautiful.” While the natural face of any girl is gorgeous as is, the occasional pimple that appears out of nowhere or the dark circles from a late night’s work is not something most people like broadcasting to the world. A simple swipe of concealer can help many women feel more confident about themselves and give them the energy they need to tackle the day.
The history of cosmetics can be traced back to ancient civilizations and the styles in which it has been worn are all unique to their time period.

Once a necessity for the female, makeup has evolved to be a simple want and not a requirement. Girls can walk out of their house completely barefaced one day and rock a vibrant, colorful look on the next without ever feeling like one or the other is wrong. Though cosmetics are not something girls have to feel they should wear, it is definitely an experience to which they should be open. The beauty of makeup is that there is so much more beyond what meets the eye because beneath the flawless applications of eyeliner and mascara. There are people expressing themselves in the way they know best and putting their best foot forward for the day.