Prom Critique/Issues


High school students from across the country spend weeks, maybe even months, planning to make Prom the perfect night.  There are many common factors that are taken into consideration when planning for Prom like what you are going to wear or who you are going to take.  Although it is exciting, Prom is, inevitably, a lot of work and money. The build-up and hysteria centered around this night makes it appear as the best night of a students’ life, but is that really the truth?

After students had gone through security and entered the gym, they were seated there for almost two hours before they were loaded onto buses. Junior Sona Keshishyan stated, “I did not mind the fact that we had to wait in the gym, however, it was inconvenient that our water bottles were taken away and we were not provided with new bottles once we entered the bus or the gym. It would have been ideal if ASB gave students water for the trip to the venue.”

Due to the fact that Prom is intended for the Juniors at Quartz Hill High School, the ASB Class of 2019 is involved with the majority of the organization of this event. The junior class in ASB decides on the venue and the theme of Prom. However, students outside of ASB have the opportunity to contribute their opinions on factors such as the music.

On the other hand, the method of transportation was not up for debate. Morgan Howell, a junior in ASB stated, “Although it would be nice to use charter buses as our transportation to Prom, the fact of the matter is that ticket prices would skyrocket. Students already pay so much for this amazing experience and it would not be fair to add that extra expense.”

Students complained that the drive to the Prom venue was uncomfortable because the inside of the bus was very hot and humid. But, if the windows were pushed down to air out the bus, it ruined the hairstyles of many girls and boys.

ASB sophomore Kaitlyn McChristian was fortunate enough to go to Prom as an underclassman, and she really enjoyed her experience. She stated, “The class of 2019 had an amazing Prom, but there were a few minor things that could be changed so that Prom next year is made better. For example, the venue was not the most convenient because of its location and it had multiple flights of stairs, which made it difficult for many of the girls.”

There are many downsides to Prom. However, the majority of complaints received are regarding the dreadful buses.  On the day of Prom, students arrived at school at 3 p.m. and returned around midnight. More than half of this time was spent getting onto and driving in the buses.  The long ride was hot and quite uncomfortable, however, students were able to be with their friends on the long ride. Still, in some cases, the buses have been known to break down on the way to Prom, separating groups and adding time to the overall trip.  Because Prom is such a large expense, many students believe this is unfair.