Basketball Updates


By Rohan Kumar , Staff Writer

As the fall approaches, the Quartz Hill Boys’ Basketball team is beginning to prepare for their first game. The team hopes to begin the season strong by practicing hard. Further, they have been preparing by practicing consistently since the school year started so that they can improve as a team. In fact, the team’s first game will take place on October 13 against Antelope Valley High School.

Many players on the team have been practicing on and off the court to help improve their overall potential. Sartaj Brar, a varsity center stated: “As a player I want to improve all aspects of my game. I like being able to play any position I need to play in order to help the team out. In terms of improving my game, I would want to become a more consistent player, meaning that I want to have a consistent jump shot and better defense. Just improving all around whether it be improving offensively, defensively or mentally, all aspects of the game are important to focus on.”

Daniel Cho, the varsity power forward also stated: “What I need to do is work on my footwork, because I am an undersized power forward. I’m 5’8’’ and I weigh 165 pounds and I am going against guys that are 6’4’’ and 200 pounds, so it is kind of hard to go against players like that. That is why I need to improve my footwork and speed, because if I do then I will be able to go past these guys easily.”

The varsity point guard, Shemar Fisher also stated: “This year we hope to become a better team, and we are trying to win the Golden League title. We know it will be very tough, but the team has been putting in the work since the school year started. We want to improve our team in all aspects of the game, and we are fully capable of doing so. Our current team is looking good since most of us have been playing with each other for a while. We have built up the chemistry and know what to do in order to improve our skills. We need to be focused on winning and on the team instead of individual aspects, because at the end of the day, we want to win.”

Although many players hope to improve individually, the team needs to improve together as well. If they are able to make it far into CIF, the players could get possible scouting and scholarship offers. Nonetheless, come support our basketball teams’ first game on October 13! Go Rebels!


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