Athletic Excellence: Ben Hardani

By Nilesh Kumar, Staff Writer

Athletically, the freshman class of 2023 has proved to be a promising one for the future of sports at Quartz Hill. We have seen lots of talented athletes in all sports. One freshman who has proved himself to be a top-level athlete at the high school level is Benjamin Hardani. Hardani played freshman and varsity basketball and is also on the varsity volleyball team. He has lots of potential in both sports, which brings us hope for the future of athletics in Quartz Hill High School.

In terms of his basketball successes, Ben started at the freshman level as the starting center, given that he is 6 foot 2 inches. He averaged nearly 20 points per game and was the top scorer for the team year-round. He had a large variety of skills that he utilized; whether it was his aggressiveness to drive to the basket, his defensive blocking skills, or his impressive shooting for being a center. At the end of the freshman season, he was pulled up to varsity for CIF where they, unfortunately, were defeated. Hardani was the only freshman to get pulled up to varsity, which is a truly impressive feat for their small roster of 13 players. He is excited to continue playing ball at Quartz Hill, since playing at the high school level has taught him a lot. Hardani states, “I have learned so much from playing high school ball. I can’t wait for next season to keep improving myself. I’m blessed to have played with a great team and hope that we can continue our success next season. If our team keeps working hard, I honestly believe that we can win CIF in our junior or senior year.”

Hardani’s success in sports is not limited to just basketball; he also plays volleyball. He began his career in volleyball by playing recreational volleyball at Marrie Kerr Park. He then continued to play volleyball in middle school for Hillview where he played as the outside hitter and was voted for the all-tournament team. To further his success, Benjamin played on the USA Junior Olympic Volleyball team and developed a strong connection with his Coach Eddie. Hardani playing varsity volleyball here at Quartz Hill is promising for the team. Hardani states, “Volleyball is a fun sport and I’ve enjoyed my time playing it. Although it isn’t as fun as basketball for me, I’ve had lots of success in the sport with the Junior Olympic team. As the only freshmen on varsity, I’m really grateful for the opportunities I’ve been granted. I’m excited to continue volleyball at the high school level.”

In all, Ben is an athlete that will make a mark in the success of athletics for Quartz Hill High School. Given that he is so young, he has lots of time to grow and improve. We’re all rooting for Ben and excited to see what he will become!