Play Video Games Right

By Alexis Menor and Nilesh Kumar

Minecraft is Better Than Fortnite

Two of the most well-known games in the United States are Minecraft and Fortnite. Mojang, Minecraft’s creator, developed a game that explores a blocky, 3D world. In contrast, Fortnite is a player versus player combat game. Players use modern weapons such as guns and bombs to battle opponents. Although both games have received more than a hundred million downloads, Minecraft is better.


But, what makes Minecraft the better game? It’s because there are so many different possibilities. People entertain themselves by building all types of art, playing minigames, creating and surviving worlds of their own, or participating in competitions. Even when you think you are bored of Minecraft, someone hits you with a new activity to experience. A versatile game such as this means constant enjoyment for kids.


Fortnite, a simple shoot-and-outlast-your-opponents game, is enticing but only for a limited amount of time. Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, update the game a lot to make it more mainstream for their audience, but the gameplay itself is repetitive.


Fortnite is another game that will come and go, but Minecraft is forever.


Console Gaming vs. PC Gaming


With the upcoming releases of the powerful PS5 and Xbox Series X, people may be curious about whether console gaming will be better than PC gaming. Though the PS5 and Xbox Series X boast powerful specifications for their construction, they are simply no match for the likes of a custom-built PC when it comes to gaming performance and graphics.


A gaming PC with relatively cheap parts can easily outperform the likes of a console. The graphics quality is much sharper, clearer, and detailed since the chipsets on the graphics cards are much more advanced than that of a console. Also, the possibility for advanced renders from a PC, such as Ray-Tracing from RTX, provides arguably the most detailed images in technology to date. However, these high-quality graphics cards aren’t good for only aesthetic purposes since they drastically improve frame rate and the game’s smoothness. With technology such as G-Sync, which is exclusive to Nvidia Graphics Cards on PC, the overall feel of the game becomes much more smooth and can, in turn, lead to better performance while gaming. The overall gaming experience on PC is unmatched due to the superior technology available in the PC gaming industry and is undoubtedly better than console gaming.


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