The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review

By Syed Islam, Staff Writer

The summer of 2020 has most certainly been a very dull summer for many. The primary factor that contributed to the uneventful summer was the coronavirus. Because of COVID-19, everyone was quarantined within their homes, and usual summer activities were prohibited. However, one exciting thing that occurred during the summer was the release of the second season of the popular Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy.


The show’s first season had been very successful, leaving a massive fanbase desperately waiting for the second season. The first season had ended with a cliffhanger where Five was seen attempting to time travel one more time, and no information was given on whether the siblings had successfully saved the world or not. 


This brings the audience to the second season, where the siblings were sent back in time to 1963 and ended up bringing about the world’s end once again. 


The second season is filled with many touching moments with all of the siblings, where they learn that their love will overcome all the obstacles that they might have to face. This season’s plot progression was executed very well due to some new character introductions, such as Lila and Raymond Chestnut, who kept things interesting. These characters were very influential throughout the show, especially Lila. 


The character development for these characters was also done perfectly. Lila’s evolution was certainly drastic; her story came with many plot twists that surprised the audience. 


One more addition that made this season superior to its last was the information about the most mysterious character in the show, Reginald Hargreaves. Very little was revealed about him in the first season; however, in the second season, some interesting information is unveiled concerning the strict father figure.


In addition to the plot and character development, season two of The Umbrella Academy also consisted of exceptional acting. The best character in the show is easily Aidan Gallagher, who plays Five. His witty one-liners and interactions with the rest of the cast never fail to leave the audience laughing. Another actor that deserves recognition, though, is Robert Sheehan, who played Klaus in the show. His interactions with Ben – played by Justin H. Min – created some of the best moments throughout the series. His jokes and recklessness contrasted beautifully with Ben’s conservativeness and honesty, creating one of the best duos within the Netflix Series.


After watching The Umbrella Academy and understanding the plot and the characters, this show is a solid nine out of ten. The acting and the story in this season were applaudable and enjoyable to watch. Each episode left me wanting more. The second season has certainly lived up to its expectations, leaving audiences longing for the release of a third season.