New Streaming App “Bingie” Launches On IOS

By Preslee Adams, Staff Writer

When it comes to television streaming platforms, there are many options to choose from – Netflix, Hulu; you get the idea. However, sometimes it may feel like, even though there are so many options, no movie or show interests you. If you feel overwhelmed trying to choose the next best show to watch on Netflix, Disney+, or any other streaming service, “Bingie” could be the next revolutionary app designed for you by your friends and family.


Bingie works on streamlining and combining our recommendations for easy utilization by different social circles. Launched on August 26, 2020, Bingie is like the Yelp of all things movie and TV show related. It is a social platform that highlights other users’ recommendations and creates a platform for conversation around shared aspects of TV shows and movies.


Bingie is much more than a streaming app – it is dedicated to streaming shows and letting you check out what is popular within specific communities and with the people you know.


Though Bingie reaches out to many different people, your recommendations are mainly influenced by friends and family, creating an environment for debates and discussions. In a press release, the CEO of Bingie, Joey Lane, mentioned, “There are so many services and algorithms throwing recommendations at you, but when it comes down to it, we trust those closest to us to actually give us worthwhile show and movie suggestions. The sharing of shows and movies, the commenting, the debate, the opinions, the back and forth—that’s where the magic of Bingie is.”


With Bingie, you can look for different shows and movies you enjoyed, then share a link that recommends it to a friend and begin a chat about that specific title. Even if your friend does not have the app downloaded, Bingie allows you to send them a link via text message.


Bingie has aimed to create a more lighthearted feeling for its users in such a time where things may feel tense. The creator explicitly mentions that there are no politics or news, but rather just a fun way to share content with the people closest to you. 


After all the fear and uncertainty due to the global pandemic, an app that seeks to bring us closer through our shared love of movies and TV is an excellent way to inform users of ways they can interact with one another while staying safe. Creating conversation while still entertaining ourselves is just one way to provide a feeling of connectivity in a time where it is limited.


If you happen to feel lost in the world of streaming and have no idea what to watch next, Bingie will provide you with a way to determine the best shows at the moment. It is free on IOS and Android with a web version soon to be released.