Clown Husbandry: Tumblr Fun


By Alex Kim, Staff Writer

So most people have a mixed fear and hatred for clowns. Ever since the unforgettable creepy clown sightings of 2016, Americans have been more afraid of clowns than global warming. And the IT movies have only perpetuated that fear. But the enlightened of us who go on Tumblr know where to see the true side of clowns: the clown husbandry tag. 


Considering that husbandry is the cultivation and breeding of farm animals, clown husbandry might sound a bit strange. But there is a simple explanation of what the community is all about. People on Tumblr saw just how mistreated domesticated clowns are and decided to create a safe space where people can inform themselves about how to care for their clowns properly. On the clown husbandry tag, you can find answers to humanity’s most pressing questions, ranging from, “What types of sugar are healthiest for my clown?” to, “How closely related are clowns and mimes?” 


A common consensus among community members is that scary clowns are possibly the most misunderstood species of the clown population. As a member of the community, I feel as if it is my responsibility to explain why scare clowns are not nearly as evil as everyone thinks they are. The aggressive nature of scare clowns stems from the fact that they were initially bred as fighting clowns and that most people consistently reject them. Any clown will become aggressive when rejected continuously. Scare clowns need to be accepted and cared for, instead of shunned by society. So the next time you see a scary clown, do not run away or pepper-spray them. Just give them some love.


Perhaps the most critical information on the tag stresses the importance of not bringing your dog to the clown park. NEVER take your dog to the clown park. Dogs just confuse and disorient clowns. Clowns quickly become aggressive if they feel they are being threatened. So, if you bring your dog to the clown park, not only are the clowns in the park at risk of losing control, but your dog could be injured. Our clowns would never intentionally harm other living creatures, but you need to keep up with regulations to ensure your dog does not stumble somewhere where it should not be.


If your interest in clown husbandry has peaked, I implore you to check the tag. It is a wonderful place for you to find how you can properly care for your very own clown. It is always imperative to do proper research before making such a large commitment, like getting your own domesticated clown. But be sure to adopt your clown rather than buying specially bred ones. Adopting clowns is genuinelyTumblrat cause and gives homeless clowns a chance at a good home.