Dr. Disrespect Opens Up About His Mysterious Ban from Twitch

By Brian Kim, Staff Writer

Guy Beahm, also known globally as streaming icon Dr. Disrespect, is recognized in the Twitch community for rising in notability and prestige playing games with an entertaining hyper-masculine persona. After playing various battle royal games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, Beahm has gained over three million subscribers on his Twitch channel and over two million on his YouTube channel. Averaging about 21 thousand viewers per stream, Dr. Disrespect grew to become one of the top Twitch legends.


However on June 26th, 2020, Dr. Disrespect was permanently banned from the Twitch site for unknown reasons. It is uncommon for Twitch to ban streamers for no reason given, especially on one of their largest on the platform. Although this is true, neither Twitch nor Dr. Disrespect has provided the public with the actual reason for the ban. The only information Twitch has given is that appropriate actions on streamers must be done as long as they evidence that the streamer has violated the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. In March, Dr. Disrespect also signed a multi-million dollar deal to stream on Twitch, gaining millions of viewers throughout his time on the platform. This makes the situation even stranger.


Three months after his ban, on September 1st, Beahm returned to YouTube with a video addressing the ban. Disappointingly, the specific reason for his ban remains unknown. Many people, including other streamers and influencers, believe that Dr. Disrespect is lying when he still says he doesn’t know the reason for the ban and thinks that legal professionals should handle the situation. This could probably be because he wants to keep the reason for his ban private, although it is only a theory. In the YouTube video where Dr. Disrespect opens up about how he his thoughts on the termination of both his Twitch channel and Discord server, he says that it has been causing him anxiety. Beahm also mentions that it is unbelievable to see his community on Twitch and his channel overall that he has been working on and nurturing for years taken away in an instant. He explains how having that to be taken away without a reason left him confused and destroyed his motivation for some time.


Although the true reason for his ban has not been released, he is still gaining massive viewership and support from his community back on YouTube. Dr. Disrespect is now thriving on YouTube, streaming on that platform full time since the ban.