Heading into Fall Fashion

By Aidan Sidikpramana and Faith Crossan

Sweater Weather

Hoodies or sweaters? There is an age-old question of which clothing attire is the most preferable. As fall rolls around the corner and classes continue to online, students are trying to stay warm while participating in distance learning. Hoodies are far superior than sweaters in both a comfort and fashion sense. Although both hoodies and sweaters are often created with the same material, each clothing attire gives off a different sense of comfort. Hoodies really outshine sweaters in that they have a hood. Wearing a hood gives students the feeling of being under our covers, placing us in a more comfortable state. Although sweaters provide the same warmth as hoodies, its lack of a hood prevents someone from having the same enjoyable experience.


Spooky Season or Snoopy Season?

You’ve been waiting all year for this day to come around. The cold chill of October leaves you shivering as you walk home from school. Today is Halloween, and tonight is set to be the best night of your life. You spend hours getting ready, staining your bathroom with fake blood in the meantime. After lots of hard work, and a surprising amount of liquid latex, you’re finally ready. You confidently walk out of your house as the scariest zombie-werewolf-vampire crossover you’ve ever seen. Well, the only zombie-werewolf-vampire you’ve ever seen, but that’s beside the point. As you step into the costume party, you’re absolutely bewildered. In all directions, your poor eyes are bombarded with visuals of last-minute cat costumes and is that a cereal box? Why on earth would anyone waste the one night a year to go out covered in stab wounds and blood, on cat costumes? It truly makes no sense! Why bother spending sixty dollars to look like yourself with cat ears on, when you could go all out and transform into a spooky witch! On Halloween night, if you’re not going to look like a tree cutting incident gone wrong, don’t even bother dressing up. Scary costume are the only way to go.