Apple iPhone 12 Event Overview

By Brian Kim, Staff Writer

On October 13th, Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event took place, in which the release of four new iPhones and the HomePod mini was announced. Almost a year since the last Apple event, with the release of the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5, and more, Apple returns in 2020 with a more unique design for their products.


For example, the iPhone 12 designs feature a shape that is similar to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. With sharp sides rather than rounded ones, Apple takes on an approach for the all-new iPhone 12 that differs uniquely from their more recent designs, with more curvature aspects than linear. In terms of technology, all of the iPhone 12s can now support 5G and, depending on the model, can hold up to four cameras. Each camera on all of the iPhones will also support night mode. The iPhone 12 also comes with the A14 Bionic, which is the fastest chip in a smartphone so far– going beyond past models mainly in regards to battery life.


The iPhone 12 mini is almost identical to the iPhone 12, with the only differences being the display size, resolution, dimensions, and price. Although the main difference is in size, the iPhone 12 mini has the same software, camera, processor, storage, and battery, as the iPhone 12: for only $100 less. However, the convenience in size should be one of the only factors that would cause an iPhone user to purchase the mini. Purchasing the iPhone 11 or XR would be more logical if a cheaper price was the larger priority when looking for a phone.


Additionally, Apple announced the release of another mini version of one of their already existing technology. The HomePod mini, which features the use of Siri, is a much smaller and affordable version of the Apple HomePod smart speaker, for only $99. It also uses an S5 chip, the same chip used in the Apple Watch Series 5 from 2019.


Furthermore, Apple releases a more innovative product other than mini versions of products and upgrades of previous technology. The MagSafe wireless charging pads are one of Apple’s most unique releases from the “Hi, Speed” event. It reintroduces charging to a more convenient level through the removal of wires and charging cables. The MagSafe Charger Duo is also included in this release, which is capable of charging both two iPhones at a time and the Apple Watch. The cases of the Apple iPhone 12 will also include a magnet on the inside so MagSafe chargers can still be used through the regular case or wallet case.


The Apple “Hi, Speed” event is revolutionary for the overall technology of Apple, from the fastest smartphone chip, introduced, the A14 Bionic, each of the phone’s highly improved cameras, and the all-new innovative and unique methods of wireless charging.