MLB World Series

By Ashlee Guardado, Staff Writer

On October 20, the MLB began their first game of the World Series. The World Series is the playoffs where the two baseball leagues’ winners go against each other to win the Commissioner’s Trophy. They need to win four out of the seven games to win and be called the World Champions of 2020. The two teams playing in the World Series are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2017 and 2018, the Dodgers made it to the playoffs but failed to win either. According to Mike Fiers, an Astros pitcher, they lost because the Astros stole signs from the Dodgers, which led to the Astros winning in 2017. The Boston Red Socks also cheated by stealing signs but only during the season, and the MLB confirmed that the Red Socks did not cheat during the World Series. The Rays, however, are one out of the six MLB teams that have never won the playoffs, so winning this season would be significant. Due to the pandemic, the Dodgers and the Rays could not switch stadiums, so they only held games at the Global Life Stadium in Texas. 


During game one, the score was 0-0 until the bottom of the fourth inning, where Cody Bellinger hit two home runs for the Dodgers. At the top of the fifth inning, Kevin Kiermaier hit a home run and gave the Rays their first point. Then, the Dodgers scored four more points, making the score 6-1. In the sixth inning, the Dodgers scored two more points, and the Rays did not score again until the top of the seventh inning. In the seventh inning, the Rays scored two points, but after that, neither team scored. The Dodgers started victorious, winning 8-3 and leading the World Series 1-0.


On October 21, the second game in the series began. At the top of the first inning, Brandon Lowe, a player on the Tampa Bay Rays, hit a home run and scored first. At the top of the 4th and 5th innings, the Rays accumulated four more points, and the Dodgers scored twice only at the bottom of the fifth inning. In the sixth inning, both teams scored one point each, which was the final time the Rays scored that game. Corey Seager, a Dodgers player, ended up hitting the last home run of the game. The game ended 6-4, with the Tampa Bay Rays winning and tying the playoffs 1-1.


Two days later, the third game of the World Series began. The first score of the day was from Dodgers’ player Justin Turner during the first inning. The Dodgers scored twice in the third inning and two more in the fourth inning. The Rays also got their first point of the game due to Willy Adames hitting a double, leading to Manuel Margot, who was on second base, to score. At the top of the sixth inning, the Dodgers scored their final point, and in the bottom of the ninth, the Rays gained one more home run, but in the end, the Dodgers won 6-2. At that point, the Dodgers were leading 2-1 in the series.


The Dodgers and Rays played the following day, and this was an exciting game. The game started typically, with Justin Turner scoring at the top of the first inning. At the top of the third inning, the Dodgers scored again but then at the bottom of the fourth inning, Randy Arozarena scored for the Rays. From the fourth inning to the seventh inning, each team scored one point each except in the sixth inning. In the sixth inning, the Rays scored twice instead of once. Corey Seager hit a single, and since Chris Taylor was on third base, he scored. Then the bottom of the ninth came. The Dodgers were one strike away from winning game four, but when Brett Phillips was up to bat, the Dodgers blew it. Phillips hit a single, were in the outfield, Chris Taylor attempted to catch the ball, but it ended up hitting the tip of the glove, leading to Kevin Kiermaier scoring. There was another Rays player on base, Randy Arozarena. Catcher Will Smith for the Dodgers received the ball to tag Arozarena out, but by bad luck, the ball yet again went past Smith, which led to the Rays winning 8-7. At this point, the two teams were yet again tied in the series.


After the events of game four, the Dodgers started to get more serious than ever. In the first and second inning, the Dodgers accumulated three points—two in the first inning and one in the second inning. At the bottom of the third inning, the Rays finally scored twice, but that was the only inning they scored. At the top of the fifth inning, the Dodgers scored a home run by Max Muncy, and neither team scored after that. At the end of the game, the Dodgers won 4-2 and were in the lead, one game from winning the playoffs.


Two days later, the sixth game began, and all the pressure was on the Dodgers. If they screwed this up, they would have to play another game to break the tie and win. The game started with Randy Arozarena from the Rays hitting a home run at the top of the first inning. It did not look good for the Dodgers. Neither team scored since Arozarena’s point. That was until the sixth inning, where things went downhill for the Rays. Blake Snell was the pitcher who started the game but then, he was pulled out and replaced with Nick Anderson. As soon as Anderson began pitching, the Dodgers scored twice in a row. Anderson threw a messy pitch, so the ball ended up being hit away by the pitcher who led to Austin Barnes scoring. After that, Mookie Betts scored when Corey Seager hit towards first base. This play was not what the Rays were expecting. Nobody scored until the bottom of the eighth, but this was another Dodgers point. The game ended, and for the first time since 1988, the Los Angeles Dodgers became the World Champions of 2020. As expected, the fans went wild over their win.