Raven’s Set NFL Record For Consecutive 20-Point Games

By Angelina Joleen Tayama Reyes-Chavez, Staff Writer

The National Football League has several records for plays and points earned during games, just like many other major sporting leagues. Some of these records have had one single record-holder since the original record was made! However, it is also common for these records to get broken immediately.


With everything going on with COVID-19, many people assumed that there would probably be little to no records being made or changed in the NFL. This assertion was quickly proven incorrect by the Baltimore Ravens, who set the record for consecutive 20 point games throughout multiple seasons. In 2018 Lamar Jackson took over as the chief quarterback of the Baltimore team. Since then, the Raven’s have scored at least 20 points for each game in which they have performed. The Raven’s have hit the 20 point mark 31 times in a row, which surpasses the 2012-2014 Broncos, the previous record-holders.


When reporters asked Baltimore’s coaches what led the team to victory, Jackson was given all of the glory as the coaches claimed they absolutely could not do what they did without him as a quarterback. Giving all of the recognition to the quarterback is common when it comes to “point records” in the NFL, but Jackson did not accept all of the credit and distributed it amongst various team members. He stated that the whole team would work together to come out on top in each game by recognizing when the other team would get tired. After they noticed this change, Jackson claimed the team would catch the other team’s defensive line off guard, creating multiple openings for the Ravens. The Raven’s offensive line would become open, and although the majority of the points scored were by Jackson, he asks that the victory be seen as a team effort and not just the doing of one quarterback.


We are now getting into week 10 of the NFL season, and the Raven’s are confident that their streak will not be ending at 31. Jackson says the goal for the whole team and himself is to double the number they have, at least. The team has been on a roll, and, certainly, they will not give up any time soon. The record has only motivated them to push harder and keep going how they have been in hopes of keeping their record as unbeatable. It will be exhilarating to see how the team’s record-breaking score improves within the upcoming seven weeks.