Jason Blum Is The Best Bad Movie Producer

By Alex Kim, Staff Writer

In the modern-day, very few people can name movie producers. Although the executive producer’s role is still essential to a movie, as larger companies such as Disney and Universal produce their films with hundreds of millions of dollars, the position can be easily overlooked. However, many people still know Jason Blum.


Jason Blum is an American businessman and the CEO and founder of Blumhouse Productions. Blumhouse is one of the forefront producers of indie horror movies and creates a shocking number of films every year. In 2020, Jason Blum was credited with producing seventeen movies and television shows, and he can fund all these projects because of his fantastic business model.


Blum only funds each production with three to ten million dollars, which may seem like a lot, but in a world where the most popular films cost hundreds of millions of dollars, ten million dollars is a proportionally low budget. The low cost of production almost guarantees that each movie will be profitable. Moreover, even if one of Blum’s movies flops, the producer will not be losing any significant portion of his wealth.


The business model is nearly perfect, especially when you consider that some of his movies are very good. In 2017, Blumhouse produced Jordan Peele’s Get Out, a movie that includes social commentary and is considered by many to be a masterpiece. And strangely, the production studio funded 2014’s Whiplash, a movie about a man learning to play the drums and having nothing scary happen to him. Most Blumhouse produced films are somewhat subpar and rarely get high ratings or attract massive media attention. However, the studio does come out with genuine art pieces sometimes, and the sparse release of these movies is still commendable. 


Regardless of how many good or bad movies Jason Blum produces every year, his studio is still beneficial to the movie industry. Even if Blumhouse only released terrible movies, the world is a better place with more movies in it. Furthermore, it is undeniable that Blum has made a strong reputation for himself through his contributions and movies. In 2018, select theaters and posters marketed Truth or Dare as Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare in an effort to increase ticket sales. Blum is one of the few individuals who has become a famous movie producer during a time when the role is not well recognized, making him a very impressive person.