Sweet Home Review

By Syed Islam, Staff Writer

On December 8, 2020, Netflix had released the first season of Sweet Home, and it quickly made its way into the top 10 shows on Netflix in many countries. Many Webtoon readers were thrilled about this drama’s release, as the show was based on a popular webtoon by the same name. The story follows a group of residents living in the Green House apartment complex. Our main protagonist, Cha Hyun-soo, is a depressed teenager who recently moved into the complex shortly after his entire family died. When Cha Hyun-soo moved in, he noticed that some of his neighbors were turning into monsters. Later throughout the episode, we learn that people within the complex are transforming into monsters, but the entire world around them is kneeling to an unknown infection.


The plot of the drama is well done. Each episode leaves the viewer yearning for more. The story progression for the plot is also executed masterfully. The mysteries slowly unravel themselves as the characters learn more about the infection and what caused it. There are also very emotional and exciting backstories created for each character, which lets the audience understand their actions. The backstories allow the viewer to relate and feel sentimental towards the characters. The character who had the most exciting backstory was Pyeon Sang-Wook, whose actions seemed very brutal in the beginning. This leads the audience to believe that he could be one of the possible villains in the story. However, once his backstory was revealed, the audience understood and felt very sentimental towards him, and some even believed he was the most righteous character in the show. These complex characters and the plot help elevate the show to a higher level for an apocalyptic storyline.


Another major factor for an apocalyptic show’s success is the VFX. While the designs of the monsters might be done outstandingly, the visual effects could have been improved. Some scenes intended to be very serious and exciting came out as goofy due to the monster’s visual effects. While this is expected for a reasonably small-budget show, it can hinder an apocalyptic show’s full experience, where the monsters play a considerable role.


Many might criticize the show for its visual effects, but the story and the depth of each character make up for it. The level of detail inserted into each character’s personality makes the show exciting and more emotional. The viewer’s emotional attachment with the characters only comes back to haunt the viewer, especially if their favorite character is at death’s door. This Korean-Drama deserves a seven out of ten and should be watched by fans of apocalyptic shows.