2021 Super Bowl Games

By Ashlee Guardado, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is the big finale of the football season. It consists of one game between the winners of two divisions, the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. There are three rounds that teams have to beat before making it to the Super Bowl. There is the Wild Card for teams that won enough games to qualify for those games. After that, it is the Divisional Round that includes four games in total. Finally, the Conference Championship is where the last two games are played, which determines the winner of each of the divisions and the two teams competing at the Super Bowl for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The two teams have already been chosen for February 7th’s game, but what are those two teams, and how did they make it to the end? 


During the Wild Card games, 16 teams participated in the eight games. One of those teams would make it to the Super Bowl. From those teams, only eight made it to the Divisional Round. Those teams were the Buffalo Bills (won 27-24), Los Angeles Rams (won 30-20), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (won 31-23), Baltimore Ravens (won 20-13), New Orleans Saints (won 21-9), and the Cleveland Browns (won 48-37). Some of these teams would face each other, but two teams went against the first-place teams in their division—the Green Bay Packers for the NFC and the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC.


For the Divisional Round, there were four games and eight teams. The Packers won against the Rams 32-18. They started slow but picked up speed in the third and fourth quarters by scoring many touchdowns. The Bills won against the Ravens 17-3 and only allowed the other team to score one field goal. The Chiefs won 22-17 against the Browns, but during this game, quarterback Patrick Mahomes was badly injured in the third quarter. The injury was severe since Mahomes was having trouble standing up and walking, so he was pulled from the game. Luckily Mahomes is cleared to play for the Conference Championships. Finally, the Buccaneers won their game against the Saints 30-20. It was a close game until the fourth quarter where the Buccaneers turned up the heat and won.


The most recent games were for determining which two teams will play in the Super Bowl LIV. The Conference Championships included the Buccaneers vs. the Packers and the Bills vs. the Chiefs. The Buccaneers started the game strongly and continued to score many points until the fourth quarter. Later, the Buccaneers began scoring, and in the end, they won 31-26. It has been nearly two decades since the Buccaneers made it to the Super Bowl, which is a massive accomplishment for them. In the Bills vs. the Chiefs game, the Bills started the game 9-0, but the Chiefs began leading the game 21-19 during the second quarter. After that, the Chiefs began scoring many touchdowns and won 38-24, meaning that they are on their way to the Super Bowl two years in a row. 


The Super Bowl will be played on February 7th, and we are looking forward to seeing the matchup between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.