Old Fashioned Never Goes Out of Style

By Erin Chae and Ashlee Guardado

Paper Books vs eBooks: Which is More Efficient?

As quarantine, distance learning, and stay-at-home orders are becoming new norms for our society, we have been looking for fresh ways to spend our spare time. This newfound time has been an opportunity to expand the “Books I’ve Read” list of avid readers but has also led to the resurgence of the heated debate between proponents of paper books and electronic books. Both alternatives strengthen the brain and build vocabulary, but eBooks are undoubtedly the better option. 

For one, eBooks are far more economically and environmentally efficient compared to paper books. They not only eliminate the costs of printing and shipping but also save the 30 million trees that are cut down each year for paper books sold in the U.S. Furthermore, many electronic books are often on sale or offered at lower prices, where one can buy bestsellers for as low as a dollar.

Additionally, the electronic alternative is a more practical choice in terms of time. Novels can be downloaded in a matter of minutes, saving the time it takes to go to the store or wait for delivery. Moreover, I find that looking up unknown vocabulary words that I come across while reading consumes a large amount of time and interrupts my focus. EBooks, such as the Kindle Paperwhite, have built-in Vocabulary Builders in which one can simply touch the unfamiliar word for a definition and even add it to a list for later reference by default. 

Albeit traditional novels print the same sentences that eBooks contain, the electronic method is evidently the more efficient approach to reading, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Sewing is so Fun

Have you ever done something that is both fun and relaxing? It could be playing video games, painting, playing a sport, or anything that you enjoy doing. Most people think sewing does not fall into this category. Others might say that it is stressful.  However, it is a fun activity to do when you are bored, especially during the quarantine. Sewing offers limitless creativity: you can fix a rip in your shirt, make a stuffed plush for a friend or family member, add patches to a jacket, and much more cool stuff. You can even make an outfit of your very own! Sewing might sound a bit difficult, but after watching tutorials on how to sew with basic techniques, it will be very easy to do. There are thousands of videos on the internet that demonstrate all the possible ways to create items you desire. Even if you went to a craft store, you are bound to find a simple sewing kit that can teach you how to create something extraordinary. Sewing can also help you if you are stressed or have a bad day since you could create something that makes you happy or calm down about something happening. Picking up sewing is an excellent way to relax and enjoy time in quarantine.