Drake’s Scary Hours 2 review

By Syed Islam, Staff Writer

On March 5, 2021, Drake had surprised the entire world by releasing his newest EP, Scary Hours 2. This record is the three-song sequel to Drake’s 2018 Scary Hours, one of Drake’s most successful works. The songs in Scary Hours included God’s Plan and Diplomatic Immunity. Drake’s God’s Plan had become a global sensation and even won four awards, including a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song in 2018. Due to the success of the first Scary Hours, many fans had high hopes for its sequel. 


The EP starts with the track, What’s Next, and is honestly somewhat disappointing for introducing what to expect. The beat sounds very generic, and his lyrics are over repeated. This song seems to have a very annoying bass that is not pleasant. His meaning behind the song also remains average. Unlike God’s Plan, this song mostly appears to be about Drake rapping about his new customized Patek watch by the famous designer Virgil Abloh. Overall, this song is just “ok” and contains nothing extraordinary. 


The next track on the EP is Wants and Needs featuring Lil Baby. Lil Baby is another artist who has gained much popularity throughout recent years. He has been recognized as one of the greatest hip-hop artists for this generation. This track is undoubtedly the most popular track from this EP, and rightfully so. The instrumental is moody and compliments very well with the beat. The song’s chorus is also very catchy, and the transitions into Lil Baby’s verses are executed flawlessly. This song’s lyrics also contain a deeper meaning behind them, especially lyrics about his stormy relationship with the renowned hip-hop artist, Kanye West.


The last track on Scary Hours 2 is Lemon Pepper Freestyle featuring Rick Ross. Rick Ross is a Hip-Hop artist that has been in the industry for quite some time, perhaps even longer than Drake. Rick Ross is known for his hard rap and meaningful lyrics, all of which he included in this track. The track starts with a Rick Ross verse freestyling on a decently catchy beat. This track is over six minutes and is much longer than a typical song. This song is also a freestyle from Drake and Rick Ross, and freestyles released as songs usually fail to be popular. However, this proved the stigma wrong. Overall, the production behind this song was satisfactory, and it well demonstrated Drake and Rick Ross’s talent for rap.


Drake’s Scary Hours 2 is far from reaching its prequel’s success; however, that does not mean this EP was a disappointment. Drake’s song with Lil Baby is reason enough to give this EP a listen. After giving this EP a listen, I would have to give it a seven out of ten due to the catchy beat, but it also feels like the songs are very generic and do not stand out to me as a listener.