Will Students Be Returning This School Year?

By Faith Crossan, Staff Writer

As of recently, the discussion of getting all Quartz Hill students back on campus has become increasingly prominent. Currently, special education students and a select few freshmen and senior students are back on campus. The significant dilemma at hand is getting the majority of students back on campus for the rest of this school year.


With the green light given by LA county, Quartz Hill High School must now make an executive decision on whether or not all students should return to school full time. Several different ideas and options are being thrown around. Quartz Hill staff is currently holding many meetings to discuss ideas, plans, and opportunities for this major event. 


This past week, Principal Zach Mercier sent out an email with a survey for students and parents to complete on their personal preference for maintaining a distance learning education or hybrid schedule. To access this information, you can download the AVUHSD app or check your parent’s email. The survey can also be found at https://www.smore.com/671qf. The letter additionally states that it is anticipated that “…students will return under the “‘At-School’” Blended Model. This model will have students attending “‘At-School’” In-person two days per week and participating in “‘At-Home’” online instruction the other three days.” Mr. Mercier also covers the requirements for returning students by stating, “Students will be required to wear a face-covering at all times and practice physical distancing while on campus.” He elaborates that class sizes will be reduced and that the blended schedule will be separated into two different groups of students.


As far as students who prefer to continue online, the district says that they will be offering online learning for the remainder of the school year. Mr. Mercier’s letter states, “The District is committed to offering a full-time ‘“At-Home Learning’” option for families who do not want their student to return to ‘“At-School’” in-person instruction at this time.” Essentially, we have reason to believe that students and parents will have the ultimate decision in choosing whether or not they go back to campus or remain at home. It is essential to understand that the Quartz Hill Staff wants to do what is best for their students. However, pleasing everyone is simply impossible. With the choice being left up to each family, the staff offers the best possible situation that fits everyone’s needs.