A Deeper Look Into Deshaun Watson’s Allegations

By Patrick Park, Staff Writer

Deshaun Watson, the star quarterback of the Houston Texans, has been accused of sexual misconduct allegations. This is not an issue to take lightly: a total of 22 cases have been made against the star quarterback. The women that have accused him were workers at a sauna Watson attended. However, there has not been much information released on the matter. 


The Houston Police Department stated they would not be releasing any information on the case besides the fact that two criminal investigations were taking place that pertained to the Watson allegations. The most recent allegation came from a makeup artist who promotes her business through social media platforms. She recently came out stating Deshaun Watson exposed himself, groped, and acted inappropriately towards her. The majority of these allegations are related to Watson receiving intimate massages at a spa. Massages are not uncommon for athletes as they need to get their muscles relieved after spending all day working out. 


According to the claims made by the 23 women, Watson tried to direct them to touch his pelvis area. Deshaun Watson himself has stayed relatively quiet on this matter; however, he made a statement on Twitter on Tuesday stating, “I have never treated any women with anything other than the utmost respect.” In addition to this, Watson said he looked forward to clearing his name. 


Although these allegations have not been proven, there have been many repercussions to Watson. Before the sexual allegations began, Watson received enormous interest from several different NFL teams as he demanded a trade from the Houston Texans. Furthermore, Watson has lost several sponsorships from major companies. The most notable companies include Nike and Beats by Dre. 


If these allegations are true and the women are able to provide evidence for Watson’s behavior, this could impact not only Deshaun Watson but also the Houston Texans organization as a whole. Watson is a young and upcoming star in the NFL, and an incident like this could completely change his career, potentially losing his position as an NFL quarterback. Not many players seem to be supporting Deshaun Watson during this time. One former player that has shown his support for Watson is Dez Bryant, who has called for players to support him on his social media platforms. The NFL, along with the Houston Texans, has stated that they were investigating Watson’s case; however, no official criminal charges have been filed against him.