New Cinderella Movie Review

As time passes, many new versions of Cinderella’s story have hit the box office. The cartoon version of Cinderella from 1950 is still relevant today. Another adaptation is Another Cinderella Story, which was released in 2008 and followed the 2004 version known as A Cinderella Story. These versions, along with many others, have grown widely popular throughout the years. Although many years have passed, people still resort back to these adaptations today. One of the newest versions is called Cinderella

Cinderella came to Amazon Prime in 2021. Famed ex-Fifth Harmony member, Camilla Cabello, stars as Cinderella in the movie. The infamous James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, is featured in the film as one of the three mice that Cinderella regards as her best friends. 

The movie is reminiscent of musical theatre and was filmed in the same castle that the 1996 film, Hamlet, was. Throughout the movie, the characters break into song and dance repeatedly. The prince, played by Nicholas Galitzine, carried the entire show. His vocals were off the charts, and the way he played his character was pristine. Some could say that Galitzine was born for this role.

This movie is very different from the previous versions of Cinderella’s story because it emphasizes female empowerment. Cinderella starts her own business in this version, despite being told she could not do so as a woman. She refuses to be a princess or queen that is objectified and viewed as little more than a “pretty thing.” She wants to work and be successful on her own accord. The prince accepts this and decides he does not want to be king, and he wants to follow her as she pursues her dreams as a dressmaker. The prince’s sister is displayed as being intelligent and in touch with the kingdom’s needs. Because of this, she becomes queen. The stepsisters were not nearly as mean to Cinderella in this film as in many other versions. The stepmother was a pianist who wanted to be successful in her art but could not. Because of this, she confesses that she only gives Cinderella a hard time because she worries that Cinderella’s dreams will not come true.

Besides the stepmother and stepsisters (who are not super malicious) and the female empowerment throughout the movie, there is a lot of comedy. The mice made many jokes, and their funniest jokes came out when they became humans. 

This new version of Cinderella is a great movie. I highly recommend people interested in princesses, comedy, and musical theatre watch it.