Adele’s Return

Adele has recently returned to our playlists. Following her split with Simon Konecki, Adele lost 100 pounds and pieced together a beautiful album about divorce known as 30. In an interview with Vogue, she said her favorite work is on this album.

In an interview on BBC Radio 1, Adele revealed that she quickly tossed away songs, feelings, and other things that bothered her. “Easy on Me” is a song she released in early October that her family and friends loved because they felt like she was patient, which is new to her, as she said in the interview. She also revealed in this interview that she has been killing time cooking, chatting with friends, drinking late at night, and caring for her beloved nine-year-old.

“Remedy” is a song about her son, Angelo Adkins, who she claims disliked the high notes in one of her famous songs, Skyfall. She was pregnant with him when she recorded the vocals for it, and he would kick and kick on the high notes, which is why most of the song consists of low notes. In an interview this October with Vogue, Adele said that she feels comfortable “wailing” in her songs.

“My Little Love” is an awe-inspiring song. It is different from her usual pieces. She incorporates conversations with her son into the work. She tells a story through her lyrics, the talking, and shifts of volume and beat in her song. The song flows very well. It is super creative. She ties the theme of divorce into the music by telling her son that she still loves his dad because he gave her him. She also has a breakthrough moment where she gets very emotional and says she has been overcompensating since the divorce. She reveals the messy side of divorce. Adele is able to connect with her audience. This song brings reality to listeners and adds to the album’s greatness.

“Cry Your Heart Out” is also a unique piece. It has an upbeat feeling to it despite the lyrics. There is so much meaning and emotion behind her songs in this album, especially this one. The upbeat rhythm paired with the lyrics that move from sad to slowly uplifting show she is recovering from the divorce. She will survive. She will be stronger than she was before. 

Overall, Adele has been through life’s ups and downs, especially with love. But, she has conquered and found comfort in the therapeutic process of song-writing. Many love her work, and she has helped others realize that unfortunate events happen to everyone. It is normal. It is okay. Today, Adele is thriving. 

P.S. No, she has not met the Queen of England.