Field Day

The Homecoming Carnival is a familiar event that QHHS students are well aware of. It allows clubs on campus to sell all sorts of foods, from Domino’s Pizza to snowcones, during a combined lunch. The carnival is a joyous time and is an event that students anticipate. Recently, our school’s ASB held a new event similar to the Homecoming Carnival called Field Day.

Field Day was on December 1 after school from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Twenty-two clubs participated, and since there were no restrictions on food, many of them decided to take advantage of this opportunity and go crazy. Many chose to play it safe and offer simple snacks such as chips with cheese, fruits, and juice boxes, while others baked desserts such as macaroons. Although there were many snack items, actual meals were being sold, such as Rigatoni’s pizza, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and there was even a taco truck. 

Some clubs had a station where you could build a drink to your liking. Diversify the Nation did a hot chocolate bar, and the Dodgeball Club hosted a root beer float bar. Sara-Marie Nuesca, president of the Dodgeball Club, explained, “We sold root beer floats and ice cream sandwiches. People were also able to make their own float! The Dodgeball Club made a profit of $161 and had some ice cream sandwiches left. Our amazing treasurer, Toby, produced the ice cream sandwiches, and I purchased the root beer and vanilla de Leche ice cream.”

AVID club senator Haylee Slonacker, who sold Chick-fil-A, commented, “I feel like Homecoming Carnival, while it had a bigger turnout, wasn’t as fun as Field Day. Because the event was after school and had a band, it was an overall better experience. Also, it was easier to sell things since there weren’t any rules regarding the food, so it was easier to sell out for AVID.” 

Finally, French Club Vice President Tiffani Pe responded, “I had a wonderful time selling macarons at Field Day. Even though my fellow officers and I were pretty much scrambling to complete the paperwork and get all the preparations done in time, it was worth it because of the shockingly amazing results. We were able to sell out, earning a grand total of $112(!), even though there was less of a crowd compared to Homecoming Carnival. Honestly, while I wish more students attended, the smaller crowds were a bit of a blessing in disguise since it was less chaotic and more manageable. I hope to participate in Field Day next year as well!”

Field Day was a great success and was a fun activity to kick off the first day of December! From the responses given by club officers, this was definitely a step in the right direction to making each event better than the last. Hopefully, Field Day will happen again next year and allow students who missed out to experience this fantastic event.