Clifford the Big Red Dog review

Clifford the Big Red is about Emily, who adopts a red dog, and then something abnormal happens. When something happened to the dog, this company wanted to take the dog for themselves. At first, I thought this movie would be terrible, but I enjoyed it a lot. I liked this movie because there were funny scenes and some action. This movie is family-friendly, and yet it has a little of every genre besides horror. What I liked about this movie is explicitly how the plot builds up and some things you didn’t even know would happen. 

At first, Emily was not supposed to adopt the dog since her uncle did not let her because the landlord does not allow pets. Nevertheless, Clifford snuck into Emily’s backpack, which I found pretty ninja-like. One character I liked was Emily’s friend Issac. The character was full of smarts, and he was a little bit funny. But the part of the movie I liked was when Emily drove her Uncle’s Van. Scenes like this make me jump out of my seat. 

The bad guy in this movie is Zac, who tried to take the dog from Emily. His character was unique, and I loved it. His trickery and being able to fool people were terrific. He was able to get the cops on his side at the beginning of the story, with no spoilers, but he was like a villain from D.C or Marvel. His character was amazing. He was probably my favorite character. 

This movie was way better than I anticipated, but, also, I was not too fond of particular aspects. For example, the dog looked a bit fake. I feel like the CGI can be better, and also, the climax could have been made more intense.

Overall this movie was good, but as I said, the creators could have made some great edits and made the movie more intense. For example, they could have made the dog a bit vicious to protect Emily and Casey. Everyone thinks he is a bad dog, but he is charming deep down. Little things matter when it comes to these types of movies. If he had black spots on his body, it would make him look very nice. This movie was overall excellent. I would recommend people to watch the movie. I would give this movie an eight out of ten.