The Shopping Cart Killer

A new serial killer was stalking the streets of Virginia in December. The Shopping Cart Killer is suspected of the murders of four women found in two different locations in Virginia.

A 39-year-old male named Anthony Robinson is a person of interest. Robinson had already been taken into custody for the murders of two other women in November. These two women were identified as 59-year-old Allene Elizabeth Redmon from Harrisonburg and 39-year-old Tonita Lorice Smith of Charlottesville. These two victims were killed around October 24 and November 14, 2021. Both bodies were discovered in the same location on November 23. A shopping cart was found on the scene and presumed to be used for transporting the bodies. The victims were met on dating apps and lured to motels, which had been in close proximity to him. The women were then murdered, and their bodies transported in shopping carts to vacant lots to be disposed of. Robinson is being charged with the murder of the two victims as well as two counts of felony disposal of human remains.

Investigators have confirmed two more victims and believe they also may have detected the body of the possible fifth murder. The two confirmed victims were found in a secluded wooded area in a large plastic container next to a shopping cart during December. The victims were 48-year old Stephanie Harrison and 29-year old Cheyenne Brown, both of Redding, California. It has been confirmed by Chief Davis, head of the investigation team, that Robinson and one of the victims, Cheyenne Brown, had met on the dating app known as Plenty of Fish. Brown’s profile on Plenty of Fish led detectives to believe the app was being used by the killer. It was determined that Brown and Robinson had linked up at the Moon Inn Hotel off of Richmond Highway in Fairfax County. This had not been the only time that Robinson had stayed at the Moon Inn Hotel. It was reported on four separate occasions that he had checked into the motel.

Officials believe that there may be more victims of the Shopping Cart Killer. They are examining all of the missing person reports from 35 different police departments and are working with New York, Robinson’s home state, to gather more information.