Microsoft Buying Activision

Microsoft announced in early January that they would be buying Activision, Blizzard, and other small companies. The announcement was big news to the gaming community as many players saw that some games made by these two companies would soon be Xbox exclusives. Many Playstation gamers say that Call Of Duty, Overwatch, and many other games might be removed from Playstation, making these games exclusive to Xbox and PC players only. However, Microsoft was brilliant in buying these companies as they could make famous games exclusive to Xbox, forcing the PlayStation gamers to switch to Xbox.

Some people think Microsoft is going to make a new game. With the help of creators that made Call Of Duty, they could make the best game ever and combine Halo with Call Of Duty to make a fantastic game. With the new Overwatch around the corner, everyone is anxious that it will be an Xbox exclusive, cutting out Playstation fans.

What I want to know about Microsoft is why they bought these companies now and not sooner. If they had purchased these companies sooner, they could’ve made more money. One possible reason could be that the companies were more expensive earlier. But I still think Microsoft had enough money to buy the companies, so the price wasn’t the issue. These purchases may prompt Sony to seek the purchase of Activision and Blizzard from Microsoft, increasing the value of the companies to bring back PlayStation gamers. 

Sony’s strategy has been to invest in a small number of high-quality triple-A games that all share the same design aesthetic. Xbox has recently bought out Bethesda and Activision, thereby ending that plan. Because it is currently losing, Xbox is trying everything to appeal to its players because it is now failing. Xbox needs anyone to play with their console. Game Pass is such a steal. Sony dominated the PS4 generation, and as a result, it has entered the PS5 era with a high price. 

I hope Sony can make their comeback and become better than Microsoft because I’m sure Sony still has something to offer fans. I believe the outcome of Microsoft buying Activision will be very bad for the other players since most games will be exclusive to Xbox players only.