Demon Slayer Season 2 Review

On December 5, the most popular new-gen anime, Demon Slayer, started airing its second season, and it quickly gained the attention of many anime fans worldwide. The second season of the show continues from the previous movie, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, as our favorite trio advances to their next adventure in the Entertainment District arc. Due to the immense popularity of the first season and the movie’s release in 2020, many were thrilled to watch the newest season. For the second season’s premiere, roughly 10.6 million had tuned in to watch—many of which were left emotionally scarred from the previous movie. While the second season contains only 11 episodes, the quality of the episodes does not fall short of anyone’s expectations.

The story starts with the introduction of the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui. In the first episode, the story still manages to continue its humor through the dialogues of characters such as Zenitsu and Inousoke. The first episode was merely an introduction to the season’s contents, and while it might have been less eventful, it paved the way for the rest of the episodes. 

Overall, the plot was structured well, and I have very few complaints to make. The pacing throughout the entire season did feel a bit rushed; however, it’s understandable considering the fast-paced fights that occur during the season. 

One of the primary reasons behind Demon Slayer’s success is its outstanding animation. This anime is considered one of the best-animated shows—if not the best. Ufotable Studios has once again captured the attention of many worldwide through its mesmerizing and stunning animation. The fights in the show were created to be hectic and fast, yet each motion performed by the characters evokes a sense of excitement in the audience. The sounds of the clashes and explosions that occur during the fighting also add to the experience. Overall, Ufotable Studios has once again surprised everyone with its outstanding animation and its ability to truly bring the audience into the presence of the battlefield. 

While many were disappointed that this season only provided 11 episodes, its action-packed episodes delivered enough entertainment. Despite the small number of episodes, this season remains one of the best seasons in all of anime. The Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc proves that Ufotable Studios has no intention of cutting their budget or lowering the quality in any way to mass-produce episodes as fast as possible, as many might have previously feared. This leaves further anticipation for the release of the third season in 2023.