Why Do We Care About Sports?

Sports have always been an essential part of our lives. Whether it be from school or pure interest, sports have been a part of our lives at one point or another—and they will not go away. Why do we like sports? More specifically, what is the reason sports fans enjoy them? 

One reason could be early upbringing. Parents often will sign their kids up for sports, and they might enjoy them and decide to pursue them later in life. Another reason could be pure interest. Similar to videogames and TV shows, some individuals may find that a particular sport is entertaining to watch and become a fan of it. Other times, individuals may find certain players very fun to watch. For example, when Michael Jordan would dunk in front of thousands of fans, even if you weren’t a basketball fan, you would have to admit it was awe-inspiring. 

Finally, the final reason why we care about sports is because of the community. This is a fascinating concept. Sociologists believe that being part of a specific sports team is as essential as being part of a particular religion. When you become a fan of a sports team, you essentially become a part of that community. Some sports teams are even notorious for their rowdy fan bases. For example, the Buffalo Bills’ fan base, the Bills Mafia, is known for jumping on tables before games as part of their tailgating traditions. Going back to why fan bases are essential, you have a shared love even if you are strangers, which means you will always have something to talk about. 

In conclusion, once you get to know a sport and pick one as your favorite, you become invested in that team. The team’s success becomes your success, and the team’s failures become a part of your failures. There’s a special bond between fans and teams that one cannot truly put into words. Even though the fans are not a part of the team’s decisions, it still feels like it. Sports have and always will be a part of our lives.