Reflecting on Marilyn Monroe and “Blonde” Movie

The movie “Blonde” starring Ana De Armas, who plays Marilyn Monroe, presents a better depiction of the Hollywood superstar’s life from childhood until death. 

At the beginning of the movie, we watch the harsh past that Monroe faced with a broken family and an abusive mother. She struggled with switching foster homes and a lack of consistency at a young age. Despite these challenges, Monroe was determined to be a successful actress. 

Around the 1940s, when Monroe was in her early 20s and still at the peak of her career, Hollywood did not have the greatest stance regarding women in the film industry. During this time, if you were a woman determined to become an actress, there was sacrifice behind your journey. There would be many instances where you were expected to take drugs often to fit into beauty standards and attract more attention from the audience. 

Drug overdose was also a prominent issue for female actors at this time; it became a rising cause of death, and the main reason was because of these unrealistic beauty standards. This includes the myth of how Marilyn died, although it still hasn’t been confirmed after many years.

But even so, Monroe didn’t have to go through what other actors/actresses had struggled with. She was already pretty close to the American beauty standards for young women. She was blonde, had a nice figure and a soft voice, and seemed nice to most people. It was like she was already given a head start that advantaged her in launching her career much faster and further than most.

Over the years, many of Monroe’s castmates have agreed that she was a very dedicated artist willing to do anything to be the best. Monroe constantly sought advice from others, took on different roles to challenge herself, and even sang to diversify her skills. Until the day she died on August 4, 1962, Monroe pushed herself to be the best, but this desire likely caused her death.