The Internet’s Reaction to the “M3GAN” Trailer

The Internet’s Reaction to the “M3GAN” Trailer

Picture by Amelie Ryu

M3GAN, an upcoming horror movie set to come out on January 6, 2023, has become a significant hit on the internet after the trailer was released. The trailer features a girl, Katie, moving in with her aunt, her new caretaker. Katie’s aunt is overwhelmed by the new responsibility and introduces her to a creepy android doll to be her friend. The doll is a brilliant and realistic android that replaces the “possessed-by-a-spirit” cliche frequently used in horror movies. Katie’s aunt told M3GAN, the android, to keep her safe from any harm—emotional or physical. M3GAN quickly gets obsessed with protecting Katie and gets rid of anyone who appears to be a threat.

 Viewers saw the trailer and immediately made jokes about it. The contents of the trailer surprised everyone, especially this one scene. The trailer shows us M3GAN dancing while making her way to get rid of someone. The scene was trendy, considering it is a horror movie, and this scene came out of nowhere. Users on the internet made plenty of posts on it. Some people put music over M3GAN’s dancing or made memes of the scene, but the fun didn’t stop there. The official Twitter account for the Chucky doll made a post responding to the reactions “M3GAN” is receiving. They posted a GIF of Chucky dancing and wrote, “tell her to call me when she can do this.” Of course, the internet knew what the post was referencing without needing M3GAN’s name and made jokes about Chucky and M3GAN feuding. 

Comparisons were made about M3GAN too. Internet users compared her to dolls in horror movies such as “Chucky” or “Annabelle.” These comparisons don’t end at dolls, though. Another comparison was Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s child, Renesmee, from “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.” Twitter user @Hessol_ stated, “glad Renesmee found another job after being a child star.” The comparison between Renesmee and M3GAN was prevalent because of the uncanny valley effect they both have. People also compared the android to celebrities as well. A common comparison was M3GAN and the Olsen twins. 

Many recognized the voice of the creepy android doll. The voice actor of M3GAN is Jenna Davis, a young actor and social media star. Since the trailer went viral, so has the young voice actor. Davis is not new to going viral, though. She was one of the people in the “Penny Nickel Dime” video, which had become very popular in 2018 and resurfaced on the internet years later. Social media thought this was very amusing since Davis was subject to lots of funny memes and the M3GAN movie had become a meme in itself.

The internet has gone crazy over “M3GAN,” and all the jokes on social media prove it.

Many are excited to see the movie after a promising and entertaining trailer.